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Rivera rival cites vague 'abuses of power'

Sounds like tomorrow night's meeting of the Miami-Dade Republican Party could get interesting. One of party chairman David Rivera's rivals for Congress, Paul Crespo, sent out a press release tonight saying he will demand that Rivera resign over "numerous abuses of power...including  possible violations of the party bylaws. Mr. Crespo will prove Mr. Rivera's wanton violations and abuses by producing documents and photographs."

This is just a heads up; will check in with Crespo and Rivera tomorrow AM to get the chisme.


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Marili Cancio's Campaign 2010

Marili Cancio's campaign released last Thursday the request for Rivera's resignation along with the video of Rivera and Pereda as reported by the Herald on Friday. Then on Tuesday evening, she renewed her demand for Rivera's resignation on television. The sad part is that Crespo fails to recognize he has two opponents in this race and refuses to address Cancio as an opponent by name. The Miami Dade REC meeting is tonight and each candidate has been given a two-minute time allowance.

Jorge Perez

Oh please Marili, you are wasting your time attacking Crespo instead of Rivera! Why should we take notice of you when you're just copying what Crespo has done?

Crespo announced MONTHS AGO calling for David Rivera to step down as REC chair and has continued to call for his resignation since then. http://paulcrespo.com/2010/david-rivera-abusing-power/

You're not the first to notice Rivera's corruption and you will not be the last - thank God!

But now that you are in the fight, you have my sincere thanks for joining.

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