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RPOF opposes Greer efforts to delay civil trial

Former Florida Republican Chairman Jim Greer wants to delay a civil suit filed against the party until the pending criminal case is resolved. No way, says the Florida GOP. In a motion filed todayin Seminole County, the party contends Greer is playing "fast and lose" with the court system and trying to avoid a deposition where Greer was expected to invoke his 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination.

"Having been on the attack since the criminal investigation was announced, Greer now seeks the court's assistance in sheltering him from any inquiry into his own allegations. While Greer has been quick to openly vilify the current party leadership and the RPOF, the defendants have placed their trust in the legal system to reveal the facts in due time," the party said in its motion. "Now that the time has come, Greer not only refuses to talk but implores this court to excuse him from the well-recognized costs of his silence.

Greer contends in his civil suit that the party welched on a $124,000 severance packaged promised before he stepped down. The GOP's latest filing says the severance agreement was not an enforceable contract because it "was induced through fraud and blatant deception" - namely that Greer failed to reveal he was a partner in a company paid tens of thousands of dollars by the party.


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Bloggy Bayou

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The criminal complaint being held first, as Greer is asking for a postponement, is interesting. You see, grer has subpoena'ed our Atty General McCollum and Governor Crist, the latter having the friendship with Greer, and supposed knowledge of the DEAL and money .
If criminally, Greer can prove top GOP leaders KNEW of it, then the civil contract to pay his ouster is already binding, signed by idiots like Thrasher et all (attys!) Greer can prove retaliation! And their refusal to pay is a breach of contract, subject to damages.
Greer is not Lord Jim, he wont go down with the sinking (GOP) ship alone, will he?!

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