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Rudy Moise tries to tie himself to Barack Obama

Moise2 With nine Democrats on the primary ballot next month to replace U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek, let the deluge of campaign mail begin.

No one has been getting his face in the mail more than Rudy Moise, the leading fundraiser -- largely thanks to about $1 million of his own money -- in the crowded candidate field. He's not the only one showing up in voters' mailboxes: Florida New Majority recently sent out a mailer endorsing community activist Marleine Bastien as "A fresh face. A new way."

But its two of Moise's six mailers that are particularly eye-catching.

One features a picture of Moise clad in a white doctor's coat over eight silhouettes of "politicians." They're not the silhouettes of just any people, either, but of Moise's eight Democratic opponents (the most obvious is state Sen. Frederica Wilson, identified by her characteristic hat).

Moise1The other mailer is even more striking, with a photo of President Barack Obama painted to look like the Joker in The Dark Knight -- an image used by Tea Party protesters in Washington D.C. The mailer reads. "They want Obama to fail...it's time to fight back." And on the back: "Rudy Moise: taking a stand."

 The photo of Obama may cause some voters to do a double take -- and that was the point, said Moise campaign manager Anastasia Apa. She said the campaign has received quite a few calls -- mostly positive -- about the piece.

"Some thought it was a very strong image," Apa said. "One of the strong messages we want to send to the voters of the district is that Rudy will stand strong with Obama."


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Not being a politician, without more, is never the strenght of a candidate. Fighting back, actually, requires some experience in fighting. The Tea party fight is not what is being fought in Congress. You need to be an activist for that fight. In Congress you need the experience to recognize what the fight is about. What about outlining WHAT you have done in the DISTRICT to merit anyone's vote.

Trust is not something you can buy. It is the same as believing you can buy a place in History. You may fool yourself by buying your way into being depicted as one of the Haitian National Heroes of the US Revolutionary War, in the Savanah Georgia monument. But nobody was fooled. They just thought it was the actions of an egomaniacal fool who feels that is face should be everywhere.

Your history dedication to your community's interests, not YOURS will make the difference. The voters can see a joke even without the picture of one.


Moise is a joke, and his campaign manager is making money on the mail, and it's not even good. I don't really understand how being a doctor, never serving in any legislative body, and agreeing with the president qualify you to be in congress. But good for Apa, she's making a killing off this guy.


Maybe I am naive, but I actually like the mailers. They are fresh and new and I think Moise is a great candidate. He may not have the political experience but he does have the life experience, I don't think anyone can dispute that. I mean the man is a doctor, lawyer, businessman, colonel in the air force, etc.

What more do you want from someone? He was born into poverty and worked he way up to be a true American success story.

Politicians have failed us, its time for change.


My mail box has been hit a multitude of times by the Moise campaign. He might be a new comer to politics, but he is the only person I see running a professional race. Some people might argue he has more money, but I have had volunteers knock on my door and call me. I asked them are they paid by the campaign, and they say no we are volunteers and interns.
Any candidate who is engaging the youth in our community is a candidate I will support.

- Willie.


It appears Moise is the only candidate running a race outside of just putting yard signs and bill boards around town... his people have knocked on my door at least 2 times.

I received the Obama piece, and at first I was upset, until I read it again an understood what they were saying. I hope Moise win.

Javarius Smith

I like Rudy. I saw him in Miami Gardens knocking on doors himself. He was surrounded by kids who were knocking on doors too. When I was in high school. I was in the 5000 Role Models and I wanted to support Ms. Wilson's campaign. But now that am older and I look back, I feel like I was exploited for political purposes. I mean most of my friends who were in the program never graduated.


I still don't get what this guy is about. I know many good doctors...heck..I like my own doctor. However, having money to send out mailers does not qualify you to be in Congress or fight the Republican agenda. Actually most doctors are known to be poor managers. Just look at Moise's failed businesses in the past. I think I will take a pass on this guy. My vote is not for sale.

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