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Sink raises $1.1M in Q2; has $5.7M in bank

Alex Sink will report $1.1 million for the quarter that ended last week, which is about on par with what she's raised in each of the past several quarters. The haul brings her to a total of $7.3 million raised, with $5.7 million cash on hand.

"I am honored by the tremendous support we have received from people across our state who know that the time for change is now,” Sink said in a statement. “I share the priorities of Floridians – and will work to grow our economy, strengthen our schools and hold Tallahassee politicians accountable.  Floridians are ready for a new day in our state and a respected business leader in the Governor’s office.”


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Scott puts out his Seven Point Plan for Review:



Christian Audigier

There is the thought that the wealthy and celebrity gay and lesbian community may not want similar marriage and divorce legislation because it could grant their same sex partners more legal rights," Rafool added.
Hmmm, interesting. They don't call Navratilova a player for nothing, you know.

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