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Somebody out there doesn't like Jeff Kottkamp

Don't be surprised if you start seeing ads attacking Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp from a mysterious group called Floridians for Ethics and Truth in Politics.

Mike Hanna, who worked on former Gov. Jeb Bush's campaigns and served as chief of staff for the Department of Corrections, recently set up the so-called electioneering communications organization and is gunning to knock Kottkamp out of the attorney general's race.

Hanna, you'll recall, led a similar fundraising group called the Coalition to Protect the American Dream to help Gov. Charlie Crist's 2006 Republican primary opponent, Tom Gallagher. The group raised and spent more than $1.5 million.

"I can't stand by and watch the continuation of the Crist administration with Jeff Kottkamp,'' Hanna said. "I think he's ethically unfit to serve as the top lawyer in the state. He and Charlie Crist should be resigning instead of asking for promotions."


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Looks like all Republican candidates in Florida must not only pass the Tea Party's litmus test of nastiness but also publically fall to their knees and kiss JEB!'s ring. Since the Republicans constitute less than 40% of state voters and these far-right ideologues amount to fewer than 50% of them, we can look forward to less than 20% of potential voters choosing who will run our state.


It's astounding that Mike Hanna is presenting himself as an ethical champion!

Isn't he the same Mike Hanna who was Chief of Staff to the Secretary of the Florida Department of Corrections -- James Crosby?

And isn't Crosby currently in Federal Prison for CORRUPTION committed in that position...while Hanna was his right-hand do-boy???

Sounds like Hanna is much more about making money however he can than ETHICS!


This really is a joke. I'm no Kottkamp fan, but the idea that Mike Hanna is leading an ethics group is totally laughable.

Nice work. Is Roy Cales Vice Chairman?

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