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The human cost of Greene's bankruptcy filing

Just as the polls show Democratic Senate candidate Jeff Greene gaining on longtime Democratic frontrunner Kendrick Meek, one of his investments is generating some embarrassing headlines.

"APPCO owner files for bankruptcy,'' blared The Johnson City Press two weeks ago, referring to the convenience store chain in Tennessee and Virginia that Greene bought out of bankruptcy just 10 months ago.

One longtime store manager now collecting unemployment benefits, 58-year-old Nancy Rose, recalled their high hopes when Greene swooped in last year.

"Everyone kept saying he's a billionaire, he'll put money into the stores, he'll do this, he'll do that,''  Rose said. What's happened makes me sick ... I don't think Jeff Greene has a clue about the impact this has had on our lives.''

Full column here.


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Kendrick, stop leaking these stories. So what if this drug store went under. Greene is a business man, and maybe you can't understand this bc you've been in gov't so long, but if something isn't making money you have to stop it. You don't run up defecits for no reason. But you would never understand this bc you have no business experience at all...and if you did I don't think you'd last long backing companies that are losing money.


Greene is a slimy buiness opportunist. This qualifies him for high political office? Well, it does if you're happy with our current crop of corrupt politicians.

For Greene, it's just business, meaning he doesn't suffer personally while his investments screw up the little working people's lives.


But at least he invests in jobs, Kendrick does nothing. What makes him qualified? A degree from FAMU? You've got to be kidding me...all business men are opportunists, that's how you make money. Yes, I would take his experience over Kendricks any day. Kendrick has done NOTHING his entire career. He was a state cop and besides that he's been in elected office doing nothing, all based on his mothers name. Greene is a slime ball, but he is much, much, smarter then Kendrick and has a much better understanding of the economy. He made his money on the backs of people losing their houses, but imagine if he'd been in Congress, he could have told the idiots up there that the bubble was about to burst. But no Kendrick wants to rip this guy for making a smart business decision (while him & his mom think a smart business idea is to be paid off by lobbyists for contracts) that would have been great had any government saw the burst coming and tried to do something about it. "Whasup", vote for Kendrick, he has no chance. You should think about voting for Charlie so that we don't send a nut case like Marco Rubio to the US Senate. I know that Kendrick is not qualified though, and I would choose Greene over Kendrick in a heart beat, but that's just me looking for a representative with some real intelligence.



You've got to be kidding. If Greene was up in the Senate as the housing bubble was about to burst, he would still have had his investments bet on it happening, and would have done nothing to stop it or tell anyone.

As for Shucking Chuckles, Mr. Cristo-Change-O, I can't vote for someone who campaigns on one set of things, then spins around in office to support other things.

Your search for an intelligent candidate is absurd, as you obviously don't have enough of your own to judge intelligence. For example, on the one hand, you claim Kendrick hasn't done anything to be qualified for the Senate. But then you recommend Crist for my vote! What has he ever done--what real job has he ever had--except being elected to office?

When you find some intelligence of your own, then try using it--but don't try arguing your latent racist position with it.

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