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Two more Democratic leaders for Greene

Democratic Senate candidate Jeff Greene, who has pulled ahead of rival Kendrick Meek in a new poll, is increasingly picking up support in South Florida's retirement condos.

Here's two more backers: Frank Pumilia, president of the Margate Democratic Club, and Gert Weinberg, president of the Wynmoor Democratic Club in Coconut Creek. Not a good sign that Meek, a Democratic congressman and former state legislator, is losing these diehard Democrats to a political outsider who wasn't registered as a Democrat until 2008.

Weinberg said Greene will be the name on the top of her palm card for the Aug. 24 primary. "I am fond of Jeff. I think he'll do a good job,'' she said. "You don't have to be a politician. You have to be a smart person...I think there's something about Greene that's sensational."

"Truthfully, I never really knew Kendrick Meek,'' said Pumilia, who is hosting a luncheon for Greene on Aug. 21. "He hasn't once came to me and said,  "I need your support.'  I don't think he's made such a great mark in Congess. I think his mother did more than he ever did."


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Allan Kleer

President Obama's appearance on The View today should help candidates like Jeff Greene due to his progressive and intelligent (pro-business stance on issues).

Let's hope he defeats Mr. Meeks cleanly!


I have a hard time trusting Mr. Greene. He used to be a Republican, he's linked to shortselling in the real estate meltdown. Unfortunately, the Senate race is now a choice between 3 Republicans in varying degrees of Teabaggery.

Local Lawyer

These two old farts are supporting Greene because of money.

Troy @ Miami Beach

Obama could not help :(

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