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Video: Bill McCollum's 'far out' immigration flip flop

1 question. 1 politician. 2 answers.


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Warren Dew

That's not a flip flop. As he explains at the end, the Arizona law has been amended; he objected to the old version, but supports the new version.

Bloggy Bayou

Blood Sport!




You guys should ask about Bill McCollum's Cover Up. The Attorney General's Office asks citizens to pay "a fee" for the Attorney General's office to enforce the law against criminally operated corporations. This is a BIG coverup inside of the AG's office. The public needs to know. I know a guy who asked the McCollum to stop company from extorting money from him, and one of McCollum's aides told the guy that he would have to pay $30,000 up front to get the AG to look into it. This why mortgage companies all over Florida got away with crimes while McCollum is/was the Attorney General. During the same time, companies have been employing illegal alien workers. Now McCollum acts like he is going to do his job at Attorney General? To late Bill........

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