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Video: Bill McCollum's no-details presser

Gov. candidate and Republican Attorney General Bill McCollum touted his jobs plan on Tuesday, promising it will lead to 500,000 new jobs. McCollum didn't want to stray past his talking points.


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FL conservative

Marc - why aren't you asking Rick Scott about his jobs plan?

Debra Black

I belive a person can get too comfortable in his\her seat in politics. There is a point when the voters decide when the politician has been in office long enough.


The "Cannot go into detail at this time" is said by McCollum tooooo often.
The politicians talk about bringing jobs to Florida but never say how they are going to do it?
They simply do not want to answer questions directly. The dance around the question and give no results.
I personally will not vote for McCollum. He has been in politics tooo long and he thinks like all politicians "No detail" information

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