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Video: The two-hour slam dunk special session

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It is the height of arrogance for a "do-nothing" Governor like Crist to propose a "do-nothing" constitutional amendment and then accuse them of being a "do-nothing" legislature.

Is their no depraved depth of deception to which Mr. Cristo-Change-O won't descend in his megalomaniacal quest for personal power and self-aggrandizing ambition?

Had he acted like an adult and shown real leadership by proposing real measures that would actually do something to help our people, our beaches, our tourism, and our economy, things would be different.

Instead, he's chosen to play the part of the petulant three-year old, to have a public meltdown when he didn't get his way, and so now he'll be throwing tantrums all the way to his loss in November.

All manner of folks will now see him for the fake and fraud that he is.


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