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West criticizes Congressional pensions

Allen West, the Republican battling Democratic Congressman Ron Klein, questionned Congressional pensions while speaking to the Pembroke Pines Citizens Police Academy Tuesday night.

After five years in office, members can earn an 80 percent pension starting at 62, said West.

"It took me 22 years to get 50 percent retirement from the U.S. Army. I don't think too many guys in Washington, D.C. have been shot at as much as I have."

West didn't mention his party affiliation or name his opponent in his speech Tuesday.

"I don't care about party breakdowns," he said, accusing politicians of not being responsive to the people.

Instead, he focused his talk about security issues and terrorism. He touched on some familiar themes -- a call for individual responsibility and accountability -- and encouraged the crowd to get politically involved.

"You are upset about a lot of things, a lot of people are upset," West said. "It's showtime. You volunteer, you serve, you get involved, you let your voice be heard."


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Agreed. Congressional Pensions are yet another bubble that need to be popped to placed in line with private industry and the new normal.

Moreover, that should help make getting re-elected less addictive so those in congress will make the tough decisions that are in our nation's best interest. Both parties appear to do whatever it takes to get re-elected, regardless of whether its the right thing to do.


West was courtmarshalled and should have lost his pension but through political wrangling of Senator John Warner and Congressman Duncan Hunter he was able to step down from his post and retire, avoid prison time, continue to receive his retirement pension, and live off the Federal Government.


You get "news" from the Huffington Post? News? Come on. West is right on. Should check the health care benefit too. Lifetime benefit after one term in Congress. Oh yes, the good stuff. Not the crap they crammed down the rest of our throats.

Pam Chiarella

Retirement for 5 years of work, that is insane! It is SHAMEFUL and it is a systematic Fleecing of America. Congress memebers retirements after 5 years are as much or more than my teaching salary. We have huge problems in this country that need solved, and yet we keep hearing how everyone needs to cut back! Let's start by getting how our government officials are paid. My husb and served 20 years in the Air Force and retired. Our veteran's are having their pension and retirement benefits cut, but I don't see that happening in DC. The President receives a salary after serving one term! We have got to change that, because from what I can see, most of the politicians in Washington don't need the retirement as they are independently wealthy already, or get that way during or after office.

Unless you serve 20 years in office, you shouldn't get a pension or retirement. Isn't that how it is for the rest of us!!!!

Ernie Brown

Americans should stop belly aching about their government because we,invariably,keep electing the same self serving welfare kings and queens. So as President Obama shouted to the cbc at their 2011 confab, "take off your bedroom slippers! shake it off! stop complaining!"---.

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