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West trounces Klein in fundraising for quarter

Republican Congressional candidate Allen West raised $1.4 million during the most recent fundraising quarter -- nearly triple the approximately $510,000 raised by his opponent, Democratic Congressman Ron Klein. But Klein still has more cash on hand thanks to leftover money from a previous cycle.

Klein's report shows he has raised a total of about $2.4 million and has $2.9 million cash on hand.

West's report shows that he has raised a total of $3.5 million and has about $2.2 million cash on hand.

Klein appeared to be ignoring his opponent until recent weeks when he has ramped up attacks -- most recently about West calling for getting rid of the federal Department of Education.

"The elimination of the Department of Education would weaken our already stressed out public school system," Klein wrote in a press release. "In addition, West's ideas place him in lockstep with the most radical elements of the Tea Party and with extremists like Sharron Angle and Rand Paul."

West's campaign manager Josh Grodin responded:  "The money needs to be used directly in the classoom not sitting in a bureaucratic agency in Washington D.C. that has failed to accomplish its mission."



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West is no Patriot, as he continually bashes the US Government its leaders and its agencies that Americans depend on. West's extremely radical views continue to receive attention from the Right Wing Media Circus garnering him national fundraising support. Almost a third of all of Allen West's money comes from out of state and out of district in a deliberate attempt to subvert the democratic will of the electorate of District 22 in FL.
Not everyone can afford to send their kids to private schools like West or be fortunate enough to receive higher education from the Federal Government like West did.
West's views are extreme, his attitude is one of arrogance and disdain, and he is basing his entire candidacy upon right wing disdain for the President and Congressional Leadership, rather than the issues that matter to South Floridians. That is because he also is NOT FROM SOUTH FLORIDA. Another transplant sent here by the Republican party to try and wrestle a seat away from Democrats.
Truly Offensive this man is.

GO WEST (or back wherever you came from, you traitor)

11:06 Said it all. Tea-Bagger=Traitor in my book. They hate the government. Why should we elect them to it?

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