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A John Thrasher-Rick Scott summit in Broward

Republican Party Chairman John Thrasher confirms he will go to Fort Lauderdale Thursday for a face-to-face meeting with Rick Scott, the GOP nominee for governor. Thrasher sounded optimistic that the hard feelings from the just-ended campaign can heal quickly so the party is united as it heads into battle against Democrat Alex Sink and independent Bud Chiles.

"We had a great conversation this morning. We're going to put it back together. I'm just real confident," Thrasher said. "This stuff gets passionate, but it's over. Now we move ahead."

Passionate? Here's what Thrasher said a week ago when he demanded that Scott take down a TV ad that linked Bill McCollum to indicted ex-party boss Jim Greer. "This isn't about insider versus outsider, it's about what's true and what's false and this ad is false," Thrasher said, calling the spot "patently not true." Scott called Thrasher's behavior "biased and inappropriate," and the TV ad kept running.

Thrasher and Scott should have a lot to talk about in Fort Lauderdale!

-- Steve Bousquet


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Annette Bosch

Thrasher was the master mind behind SB6, a bill that would have destroyed public education in Florida. He called himself the teachers' "Hammer." Of course he wants to talk to Rick Scott. Thrasher is thinking he could use Scott's millions for all his plans. If Rick Scott is decent, he will not align himself with Thrasher. In any case, Alex Sink should be governor. Vote for Sink.

Bloggy Bayou

Rick Scott and the RPOF: An Awkward Family Reunion Begins...
But It Is Better Than The Alternative




Hard to believe a man as powerful as John Thrasher is going to smooch Scott's backside after the filthy campaign he ran. I'm a staunch Republican and I won't be voting for a Democrap but I may just leave that race blank.

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