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After Election Day, who gets to define Alex Sink?

Facing only token opposition in her primary, Democrat Alex Sink is expected to emerge victorious Tuesday but with one big problem: in her quest to become governor, she is unknown to half of Florida's voters.

Meanwhile, a barrage of television ads in the high-profile Republican primary has given her competitors — Attorney General Bill McCollum and Naples businessman Rick Scott — plenty of name recognition. It's also given her plenty of ammunition to use against them in the November general election.

Sink's challenge now is to define herself as a candidate, and explain to voters what she wants to do in office -- or her competitors will, say pollsters and political observers.

"When you're not known, nobody knows what you're for or against," said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. More here.


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C. C. Reed

Knowledge is our Power and Unity is our Strength. C. C. Reed had more votes off the ballot than Charlie Crist had on the ballot in the 2006 General Election. Right now, the smartest and right moves for Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink are to join Now Our Way and accept becoming the next new Lieutenant Governor of the State of Florida. We, the PEOPLE, are thirsty for something different. C. C. Reed will be the voice for the PEOPLE. The rich have gotten richer and the poor have gotten poorer. Reality speaks for itself. By dollars, the rich leads. By numbers, the poor leads. Our time has finally arrived. History has shown all of us, TAXPAYERS, that POLITICIANS who are in charge are only looking out for themselves and their contributors and not in the best interests of the PEOPLE who are struggling and trying so very hard to make ends meet and definitely cannot afford to donate money to POLITICIANS' bank accounts. Together, we, the PEOPLE, will make a big difference for ourselves for a CHANGE. It is time to put the right PEOPLE in the right places. POLITICIANS created the problems. Now we, PEOPLE-TICIANS, will solve all human-made problems. Nobody can save our CHILDREN like we can. Remember, the CHILDREN are our future. Together, we, the PEOPLE, for the PEOPLE, of the PEOPLE, and by the PEOPLE, will overcome and replace the POLITICIANS. Thank GOD!!! Amen.

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