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Ausley hits Atwater on banking ties in new web ad

Loranne Ausley's campaign says it has put "significant" funding behind this new web ad -- so it won't be showing up every commercial break like Rick Scott's spots, but it might pop up if you're googling the chief financial officer campaign or browsing on Facebook.

The ad hits Senate President Jeff Atwater for his past tenure of Riverside National Bank in Palm Beach, though Atwater told the Buzz that he left the bank last February.


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Shameful Loranne

Florida Dems are at it again. Playing dirty politics while our economy is tanking. What about Alex Sink's bank? Billions of our money straight into a bank she ran.

What a joke

Seriously? This looks like complete desperation from the get go..


Her father is on the Board of Directors of a major Florida bank. Criticizing your opponent for ties to a bank while your father is on the Board of a bank. Typical Democrat hypocrisy.


Ouch! Judging from the comments, this appears to have hit a Republican nerve.

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