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Backlash continues against McCollum's immigration stance

Add the Rev. Guillermo Maldonado, senior pastor of El Rey Jesus in Miami -- the largest Hispanic church in the country -- to the voices of Hispanic supporters of Bill McCollum who are upset about him throwing his support behind a proposed crackdown on illegal immigration in Florida.

McCollum visited the church recently. Yesterday, the pastor told congregants that he was surprised and disappointed by McCollum's position.

A Spanish-language ad for McCollum featuring U.S. Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart is no longer on the air. McCollum camp said the ad finished its run. Did the congressman ask the campaign not to re-up it? He hasn't returned calls.

Miami Herald columnist Myriam Marquez said McCollum has "disrespected" the Hispanic community. Her column is here.


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George Fuller

Why are hispanics in Miami upset about immigration control laws?

Cubans, the large majority, have protection under the Cuban Adjustment act and thus are the preferred hispanic immigrant if they make it to fry land land. They can't be deported and get on a fast track for citizenship earned or not....

I would say the best thing the Miami Hispanics could do is be quiet. Otherwise, somebody in the government might look at doing away with the special treatment of Cubans and putting them in as just being ordinary run of the mill hispanics......subject to deportation.

Meanwhile, Floridians are saddled with paying to educate, medicate and incarcerate illegal aliens. Over the past decade Floridians have had to pay $20 Billion to do the job the Mexican govt wouldn't. We have had it.

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