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Bill McCollum votes and foresees an early night

Bill McCollum cast his ballot Tuesday morning at his hometown precinct, the First Baptist Church of P1030650 Sweetwater in his hometown of Longwood. Seven TV cameras were waiting for McCollum and his wife Ingrid just beyond the 100-foot boundary line outside the church, where few people were voting.

McCollum wouldn't predict victory, but he said Rick Scott's TV unprecedented advertising barrage failed. "He's thrown up $50-million. We've sustained that, and we've overcome that," he said.

"This has been a grass-roots campaign. It's the strongest grass-roots campaign I've been involved with since the very first one I ran," McCollum said. (In 1980, a young McCollum unseated U.S. Rep. Richard Kelly in a nine-county congressional district stretching from Orlando to the Pinellas beaches).

Asked to speak to undecided voters, he invoked the soundtrack of his TV ads. "They need to weigh my conservative record against Rick Scott's scandals," he said. "When they do that I trust their judgment. I always have." 

McCollum believes in endorsements, editorial board support and even his sign-waving skills."I don't wave signs like everybody does. I actually make eye contact and say hello," said McCollum, who waved a sign on I-4 and headed to St. Petersburg and Jacksonville for more of the same.

Asked if he would welcome Rick Scott's support if he wins, he said: "I want everybody's support as a Republican," before changing the subject to the differences between himself and Democrat Alex Sink.

McCollum expects an early night, based on the estimates in some counties that up to 40 percent of the likely voters have already voted early or by mail. "I think by 8 o'clock or 8:30, we'll probably know," he said. 

-- Steve Bousquet


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John R

It's been sad to see Bill McCollum take the low road of personal attack instead of the high road of policy debate. Rick Scott will bring the change and leadership needed for Florida.

Bloggy Bayou

1st: If you like what's happening in Tallahassee, vote for McCollum
2nd: if Scott wins, sit back and enjoy the show as the RPOF undergoes some DRAMATIC changes... it will be fun to watch!

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Absolutely ASTOUNDING that some supporter of Rick Scott--

a characature scumbag right out of some bizarre novel about corporate-government power, greed, and theft--

would accuse McCollum of taking the low road.

When your thieving rich boy, Richie Rick, started his campaign

--using money he got from his company stealing it from the taxpayers' and seniors' health care funds--

he went after McCollum as a career politician.

And Scottie, like a pissy little terrier, ain't let go of his mean, nasty, vicious, and ubiquitous attacks ever since.

And the jerk hasn't even, ever APOLOGIZED for his companies admitted misdeeds.

"Mistakes were made." "I accept responsbility." Please!

Those are the hollow, non-apologies of a crooked man, who was running an organized fraud ring out of his corporate office like some mobster, and is the type of man who gives businessmen and conservative policy ideas a bad name.

He should have given his $50 million to help people save their small businesses.


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