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Bill McCollum's good-cop bad-cop one-two ad punch

There's nothing like decrying negativity and then engaging in it. Check out the ads from Bill McCollum's campaign and his Florida First Initiative 527. His GOP rival for governor, Rick Scott, has issued a response simply calling McCollum a "liar."

Now who's rubber and who's glue, boys?


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If he has always trusted the voters judgment then why is he running for another statewide office?


Rick Scott has a limp wrist.

just like Charlie

Is that limp wrist the same as Charlies?


No Charlie was a division one QB at Wake Forest and an arm wrestling champion.

Bloggy Bayou

As The Florida GOP Goes In 2010, So Goes The National GOP In 2012




I called Mccollums office today and I swear I was a pariah. The didn't give one care towards my issue and basically brushed me off. I even said to the woman that answered the phone " it sounds like you hate your job and so far all you have said to me is what do you want". I said whats going to happen when Bondi gets in? You still going to have a job. She said I don't know. I didn't get the impression she was any good at it anyway.

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