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Bondi already running against Gelber for AG

Republican Pam Bondi did a meet-and-greet event on  Thursday at the Florida Chamber of Commerce offices in Tallahassee. She didn't mention either of her GOP rivals (Holly Benson and Jeff Kottkamp), by name, but she did talk about facing Democrat Dan Gelber in November.

Sounding confident of capturing the Republican Party nomination next Tuesday, Bondi said: "People came to me and people felt that I was most qualified to beat Gelber, and it's probably going to be Dan Gelber in a general election, and I'll tell you what -- the more I hear about Dan Gelber, the more I learn, the last thing we need is an Eliot Spitzer-type attorney general."

She also noted that she'd continue the lawsuit against Obama-Care, while Gelber wouldn't.

Lobbyist Erik Kirk asked Bondi if she found health care is the top issue among voters. "No. Arizona," Bondi replied, referring to the state's tough crackdown on illegal immigrants. "Everywhere I go, the first question is Arizona."

Bondi has the Chamber's backing. She boarded a 40-foot motor coach for additional campaign stops in Lake City and Jacksonville before heading down the east coast on Friday morning.

-- Steve Bousquet


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buckeye one

If she's being supported by the Chamber she must be corrupt.
The FL Chamber only cares about corporations and big business handouts at the expense of Florida taxpayers.
Bondi is a fraud. She was a Democrat her whole life working for venerable Tampa State Attorney Harry Lee Coe (who committed suicide).
Ms. Bondi then found it useful to switch her voter registration since the new incoming State Attorney was a Republican.
Pam's not ready for prime time
Dan Gelber is a smart, savvy prosecutor who will look out for Florida consumers.

True Blue

Good for her although she may be in for a surprise on Tuesday when she is NOT the candidate and neither is Dan.

Two losers.

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