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'Burger Bill' McCollum at Five Guys in Tampa

The current governor is famous for not eating during the day, but that's not a problem for Bill McCollum. The Republican candidate for governor feasted on a burger and fries for lunch Monday at Five Guys on West Kennedy Boulevard in Tampa.

It wasn't a big crowd -- five guys and maybe five or 10 women -- and they donned Team McCollum T-shirts and formed a backdrop while the candidate fielded questions.

"Polls are all over the place, but the most credible polls have us up between four and 10 points. I'm pleased with that," McCollum said. He agreed with the observation that GOP voters, disgusted by the tone of the primary, are ready for it to end, and he said he can unify Republicans, even if 42 or 44 percent of them cast ballots for Rick Scott.

In the McCollum camp, signs are abundant that a Scott victory Tuesday would make it difficult to unify the Republicans in November. Angela Panezze, 33, a Hillsborough GOP activist who does health care marketing, says she can't support Scott. "If it comes down to it, I've got to say that I probably would vote for Alex Sink," she said.

Afterward, McCollum waved signs and dodged raindrops at the corner of West Kennedy and Dale Mabry. Rick Scott was doing the same a couple of miles north.

-- Steve Bousquet


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George Fuller

Angela sounds like a solid republican.....If my man doesn't win then I'll vote for a democrat!

Yea.....so much for principles....


Well sorry to say it people but as a life long republican there is no way I could vote for McCullum for any office. I don't much like Scott either but will vote for him tomorrow. As I said,I would never vote for McCullum for any office so I guess Bid Chiles or maybe even Sink will get my vote in the general if McCullum wins the primary. Way too much bad history with McCullum. I'd vote for a purple pig before I'd vote for McCullum. McCullum can not unite the party because too many people in the GOP and no respect for him.

Bloggy Bayou

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Jeff L

It is funny how the Republican establishment has come out so against Rick Scott. The newest commercial even shows Rick Scott's name turning into handcuff's which close basically saying he is a criminal. It seems that if Rick Scott wins the Republican establishment would have to vote for Sink or Chiles afterall they would not be able to support such a criminal.

Though i have questions about the fraud charges against HCA while Rick Scott was CEO, I also know from my 18 years in health care that every health care facility and physician could easily be charged with Medicare fraud due to the way the rules are written, and of course Bill McCollum used to say that. That tune has sure changed.

Although there is a lot I like about McCollum, he is still a typical career politician. We see he changes his views in just days or weeks, kind of like Crist. Look at how his views of the Arizona law changed, first saying we do not need a law like that, then when he sees it is so popular, decides that he will make an even stronger law.

We see another tape of him being interviewed saying one thing and then another a couple of weeks later. When told you said this he argued that he did not.

There are a lot of questions about Rick Scott, but Bill McCollum has been a typical career politician. Both have false ads versus the other according to FactCheck.org and other sites but McCollum's tend to be the biggest lies and exagerations.

I was hoping my Republican party would have learned something by the way the American people are truly against politics as usual, as is shown by the growth of the Tea Party, whether one agress with them or not. Unfortunately, the Republicans have not changed at all. It is politics as usual.


I agree with Jeff L. The adds were so confusing you never really understood what they stood for. The add with the handcuffs just turned me off, voted for Scott, not sure why but that put it over the top.

Mike C

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