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By signing blank deeds, did Jeff Greene enable mortgage fraud in desert Calif. town?

RIDGECREST, Calif. — Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Greene says he had nothing to do with creating the sub-prime mortgage mess that made him fabulously wealthy.

He was simply a savvy investor who “could see that the housing market was imploding” and lucky enough to make more than $500 million by betting against it.

But he wasn’t just a spectator to the housing collapse. Four years ago, Greene was party to precisely the kind of deal that decimated the market. 

Greene insists he did nothing wrong. Yet the way he handled the deal left an opening for massive fraud and put him uncomfortably close to a man now under federal indictment.

Read the story from St. Petersburg Times staff writers Kris Hundley and Caryn Baird here.


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Beware of hatchet stories by the press right before elections. That is why they are called hit pieces.


This guy is a huge crook . Ask him if he has gotten a target letter?


This was on my facebook page this morning.
It is a story about Jeff Greene.
It was written by a gentleman from San Diego
who has done an investigation into Mr. Greene.
He has many documented facts and information.
Please use your resources to help stop
Mr. Greene. He would not be good for our country. Please help. Thank you.

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If Greene manupulated the market and helped to cause the downfall he should pay the price.

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