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Candidates hitting Spanish-language radio, TV

It's three weeks until the Aug. 24 primary election, and suddenly Spanish-language TV and radio stations are inundated with campaign ads from candidates -- mostly Republicans -- angling for the Hispanic vote.

With absentee ballots out this week and early voting starting Monday, candidates are betting that voters are starting to pay attention to who's running for what -- and who their friends are.

There's Jeb Bush speaking on behalf of state Rep. Anitere Flores, who is running for Florida Senate. State Rep. Julio Robaina, another Florida Senate hopeful, mentions his past support for Marco Rubio; meanwhile, Robaina's opponent, Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, name-drops his "political mentor," Ronald Reagan. Congressional candidate Paul Crespo mentions that he volunteered for George Bush's presidential campaign in 2000 (and, separately, he attacks state Rep. David Rivera, the GOP front runner, saying he can't be trusted).

One of the most high-profile non-Hispanic candidates hitting the airwaves: Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott. "I would like to count on your vote in the primaries," he says, in heavily accented Spanish. "Por favor vote por mi."


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A Paul Crespo Republican

Crespo 2010. Crespo Si. Castro (Rivera y Pereda) HELL NO!


Inundated? That is a bit of an exaggeration...with the possible exception of McCollum....none of the major statewide candidates have spent a dime on Spanish language TV. Not Greene. Not Meek. Not Crist. Not Scott. Not Rubio. Not yet.

A Paul Crespo Republican

Go Paul Crespo! I heard the radio ads. They're the best out there.

Everything Crespo said about Rivera is true. We can't trust him or his money. (Which will dry out even if he does win)...

Gus Martinez

Former Capt. Paul Crespo he claims Major an earlier out marine(before 20 yrs) as a section 8.Should not be trusted as dog catcher. Better double his ration of Prozac at the VA and desist from politics. Find out what a discharge section 8 (a resignation for officer rank)is all about use Google.

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