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Crist gets public TV audience to jab GOP 'activists'

Facing declining poll numbers, Gov. Charlie Crist appears on the PBS Tavis Smiley Show tonight to talk about education, the oil spill and repeat his claim that the "Republican Party left me."

When asked if he felt compelled to leave the Republican party, Crist says: “I’ve really been asked the question in several ways, and one is did I leave the party or did the party leave me? I think the party left me.” 
He adds: "And I want to be careful here because I don’t think that’s where all Republicans are.  I think that’s more where some activists in the party are. And I think that most Republicans, particularly most general election Republicans as opposed to primary Republicans take that more civil view.  As do most Democrats as do most Independents in this country.  So I think it was an evolution.”

Here's the excerpt released by the show:




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The rugelah kid.

Give em hell Charlie!

True Blue

Give 'em hell, Charlie. Let the teabaggers run the G. NO P.


Charlie you can spin all you want......you will say anything to get elected. You have flip floped on every issue. GO MEEK

Go Marco!!

The party did not force/coerce Gov. Crist to leave, he knew he was going to lose the primary to Marco Rubio badly and his political career would have been over 8-24. To say the party left him is not true. How Charlie Crist can compare himself to former president, Ronald Reagan is absurd.

Nice commerical for his NPA status, but it won't sell. We're not tired of "gridlock," we're tired of unprincipled political opportunists advancing their careers.

The party is "over" for Charlie. Yes, Nov.2.

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