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Crist walks fine partisan line to win support

Charlie Crist, in his indie bid for U.S. Senate, is appealing to Republicans and Democrats. And this leads to seemingly different messages in different parts of the state.

A week ago, speaking in the Democratic bastion of Broward County, Crist said "thank god" he left the Republican Party. But yesterday in the conservative Panhandle region he had a different message. He told Pensacola reporters he remains a conservative and the held the same ideology he did when he won the governor's mansion in 2006 as a "Jeb Bush Republican."

See a Q and A and TV clips below.

From the Pensacola News-Journal:

Q: Do you still consider yourself a conservative?

A: Of course. I'm a fiscal conservative, open minded on social issues. I think we need to be tolerant. We need to be watchful of our money. We need to reduce taxes. All are things important to the people of Florida. What I am is a commonsense guy. And that's what the people want more than ever.

Q: What's your message to conservatives who have supported you in the past?

A: I haven't changed. The party changed. I think what's important is that you stay true to yourself. That's what I have done, and that's what I will do in Washington.

Here is a clip of Crist's "thank God" comment. And here is a clip of Crist in Pensacola.

John Frank


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A Prayer for Governor Crist

Charlie, It's tough coming back from the Dark Side. I know, because I was a Reagan Republican at one time. You're going to listen to the well-prepared propaganda of the Roves and the hate-filled spewing of the Becks, and you're going to have moments where you think you just can't stand up to all that evil and idiocy. It helped me immesurably to remember my faith, and pray to the Lord in Jesus' name to protect you from Satan and his minions. Read your Bible, and you will gain strength by knowing that you are on the side of Jesus, and not the money grubbing, heartless and uncaring, bearing false witness Republican types that he railed against in nearly every statement and parable he uttered. You stood for the children when you vetoed SB6 and you know you did the right thing. Keep the faith and stand strong aginst the crooks and exploiters and you will win through.

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