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Crist won't 'Meet the Press' with Rubio and Meek

Gov. Charlie Crist is not joining his rivals for the U.S. Senate, Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Kendrick Meek, this Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press.''

"The governor has long planned Labor Day events, when he'll be out talking to working families,'' said Crist spokesman Danny Kanner.

Crist has only accepted one debate invitation so far, on Oct. 24 in St. Petersburg. Rubio and Meek have agreed to four other debates, and the Meek campaign is trying to work out a scheduling glitch on one more.

Back in March, when Rubio declined a "Meet the Press" date because he had promised FOX News the first debate between him and Crist, the governor told The Palm Beach Post: "This is a guy who says he’s willing to stand up to Barack Obama, but he won’t sit down with David Gregory on Meet the Press? The hypocrisy and inconsistency from Marco Rubio is appalling.”


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Good, now they no excuse not to include the Libertarian candidate Alex Snitker.
Polling ahead of Meeks he should have been included.

MSNBC gives me the impression they are trying to pick and choose who we can vote for


Oh please, maybe when Mr. Snitker gets over 1% of support in the polls, he will be taken seriously.

Who knows, maybe the Meet the Press Debate this Sunday will give someone Mr. Snitker can support in November?


It's hard to get support in the polls when the media refuses to acknowledge his existence. BTW he is polling much better than you think, even without media coverage. As long as the media keeps defining your options, you will never see any change. Learn to research things for yourself and form your own opinions separate from recycled sound bites on the evening news.

Florida is doomed

The media has been giving him lots of support recently. There is a really good interview with Alex Snitker at:


Besides, look at Rubio, he's riding the Tea Party gravy train and Crist can't decide who's honey is sweeter, the Democrats or Republicans. What I would like to see is a face to face debate with the candidates of more than 2 parties, but that may confuse people into actually having a choice.

Secretly Cheering for the Underdog

I'm willing to admit that I voted for Rubio in the Republican Primary... and I've never voted for any 3rd party candidate, but, I have to agree that Snitker should be in the debates. Whether the media views him as a viable candidate or not, he qualified to have his name on the ballot; therefore, he should have the opportunity to tell the people where he stands. I'd hate to think that we have come to a place in our history where an individual must be 1) a political insider (which Rubio, Meek, and Crist all are) or 2) a millionaire/billionare (Jeff Greene) to be considered a viable candidate. I'd like to think America is still a land of opportunity, where anything is possible. That's why I'd like to see Snitker in the debate.

Bill Johnson

Here's another glaring example of the media trying to surpress third party candidates. Alex Snitker was on a Bay News 9 poll, but when he started beating Meek, they changed Snitker's name to "other" and kept the poll going.



All three of the media darlings for the Florida seat are mired in scandal and have questionable character. All three appeared on the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington list of the Most Crooked Candidates for 2010 ( http://www.citizensforethics.org/crookedcandidates2010 ) Alex Snitker should be allowed to appear and give the people of Florida the opportunity to see there is someone we can be proud of trying to represent us.


Crist is nothing but a hypocrite who will only do what he thinks will get him elected. He only went "Independent" because he realized Rubio would beat him in the primary. NBC should really reconsider its decision to deny Snitker a place in the debate - he is legitimately on the ballot, and in polls that actually dare to include him he runs well.


@ Bill Johnson, that poll is showing "other" [originally Snitker] @ 28% Wow!
Anybody still think its fair to exclude the candidate Alex Snitker?!

Char S.

Fact: As citizens & customers of this state we are being cheated by not having the full disclosure on the candidates running for Senate. Alex Snitker is on the ballot. I would like to hear about him. We provide this state with its money to operate and deserve to have the correct information to make an informed decision on who we sent to Tallahassee!

Char S.

Correction to above post:
Informed decision on who we send to Washington.


Great, if Crist isn't going to show up I think Snitker will be happy to take the podium.

Time for Meet the Press to be fair and impartial.

Snitker is a QUALIFIED candidate that will be on the ballot - stop trying to make him irrelevant by keeping him out of the media!

Jack Gannon

To add to what CyndeZu said four comments above...

Orlando Sentinal newspaper current straw poll...

Who's your pick for U.S. Senator?

Charlie Crist, independent (13 responses) 15%

Kendrick Meek, Democrat (11 responses) 13%

Marco Rubio, Republican (11 responses) 13%

Other (47 responses) 55%

None of the above (4 responses) 5%

86 total responses


Tampa television station Bay News 9 recent straw poll...

Do you prefer candidates who are career politicians or those who are outside the Washington/Tallahassee establishment?

Career politicians (11%)

Those who are outside the Washington/Tallahassee establishment (89%)


6,910 Snitker Facebook Fans...



And the general media says Alex Snitker is 'not popular nor worthy enough' to be included in it? While he is 'exactly' what its audience wants!!!

Independent Voter

I thought Crist was for the people like he always says??? But now he is too busy to face the people??? LOL!! What a joke Crist has become...

Lets Go Rubio

Charlie Crist is a flip flopping political opportunist. We need LEADERSHIP, and we need a CLEAR alternative to the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Adgenda. That alternative is Marco Rubio.

Support Marco Rubio!


I am really disgusted with Crist, so sorry I voted for him for Governor. This time around, when choosing my next Florida Senator, I will be voting for Alex Snitker. A very impressive man with a great message and more importantly, with no ties to the insiders. I would sure like to see him get a fair shake from the media. As a qualified candidate on the ballot, why in the world is NBC refusing to allow him to participate in the Meet the Press debate September 5? Why does the media think they can present only the chosen few, those with money, friends in high places and nothing but lip service to offer us. Snitker will knock your socks off, trust me! NBC should be ashamed of themselves, whatever happened to fair and objective reporting. I have no desire to see just a Meek/Rubio debate, how boring! Give us something to get excited about---include Alex Snitker!


Crist has no clue what he's doing right now. Without the Maestro pulling the strings, he's wandering around the desert in a haze.

I like abortion..no I dont like it.
I hate obamacare, no I would have voted for it, no I didnt mean that.
I oppose Sotamayor, no I supported her.

I dont support the stimulus but I'll take it. No I support it. Well, its expensive and I dont like the debt.

Gay marriage...against it, for it.

Extend the Bush tax cuts. Repeal the Bush tax cuts.

Jesus Christ, I literally can't keep track. My guess is a meet the press visit wouldnt be good

Fl. Democrat Voter

How can I vote for Crist if he is so scared to face the other candidates? As a Democrat I was thinking about voting for him but this is disappointing. My vote is for Meek now! Plus did you see this of Crist? I just cant trust him!

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