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Crowd at Greene event wants to get paid

Was Democratic Senate candidate Jeff Greene the main attraction for about 50 people who came to the Mahogany Grille in Miami Gardens Sunday afternoon? Was it the free fried chicken and meatballs? The school supplies giveway?

For a bunch of folks, it was little bit of all of the above -- but mostly they were there to get paid. The campaign had offered them $50 a day to canvas neighborhoods, wave signs and make phone calls, and they had been told to come to the restaurant to get their money.

"He's a crook,'' said 22-year-old Sabrina Height, picking her teeth wth a toothpick after enjoying the spread of free food. She said she was owed $200. "He's giving us the runaround,'' she said. "To tell you the truth, I don't even know why I voted for him."

James Alvin, 43, who said he was owed $250, said he would probably vote for Greene's rival, Kendrick Meek "because of what his mom done." His mother, Carrie Meek, served in Congress from 1992 to 2002, when Kendrick was elected.

Greene spokesman Luis Vizcaino insisted that everyone who worked on the campaign would be paid. "They're here for a back-to-school event,'' he said of the people leaving the restaurant with armfuls of spiral notebooks, folders and No. 2 pencils.


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Lost soul

They eat your food, take your school supplies, and still want to be paid. Sounds like Meek folk in disquise.


You are dealing with poor people here. While it looks like a small amount of money, it is a lot of money to them. And the work is hard work. With the heat it is worse. But I am glad he is putting some money in the Black communities.


Iam sorry but one has nothing to do with the other if he is so concerned about helping the community. the supplies were for the kids and the food was just for lunch TODAY!!!!! WE ALL KNOW WHAT THE GAME IS AND IT IS ABOUT TIME IT STOPS. PEOPLE HAVE GOT TO STOP PROSTUTUTING THE AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY FOR A FEW BUCKS. BESIDES SHOULD YOU NOT BE SUSPICIOUS OF SOMEONE SPENDING $$$$$MILLIONS OF PERSONAL MONEY FOR A JOB THAT ONLY PAYS $170,000 YR HMMMMMM

Your'e No Dem

Typical fashion this BILLIONAIRE is again not paying employees and workers what is due to them.

richard parker

Greene looks REAL good. Buys businesses, bleeds them dry, then leaves them for dead. Check out Sunshine Oil in Tennessee. This is how you put people to work?


AHAHAAH! you mean Greene didnt pay his "volunteers"? you mean he went against his word? BIG SHOCKER! its hilarious that you all are surprised when we've been telling you this all along since the douche got into the race! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!

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