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Cuba misadventures with Scott and Greene

I must admit to a certain perverse pleasure seeing the political outsiders of the 2010 campaign stumble over the tripwires of Florida politics.

Republican gubernatorial front-runner Rick Scott figured out this week, hopefully, that drinking a cortadito does not make you simpatico with Hispanic voters. And Democratic Senate candidate Jeff Greene learned the hard way that in certain quarters of Florida, visiting Cuba is akin to high treason.

"Welcome to politics in Florida,'' quipped Radio Mambi host Ninoska Perez Castellon, during an on-air discussion of Greene's Havana adventure.

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Rick Scott has a limp wrist.

George Fuller

How can Scott poll well when he says he will work to get mandatory E-verify for all licensed businesses in Florida so only legal workers get hired.........and drug test all welfare recipients.

In one of the poorest cities in the country I am not surprised he doesn't poll well......


Why won't you report what you know about Prokes and Solantic?

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