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David Rivera brings congressional race to TV

With the Aug. 24 primary election three weeks away, state Rep. David Rivera has released his first TV ad as he vies to replace Republican Mario Diaz-Balart in Congress.

As far as we know, it's the first foray into TV in the race for 25th congressional district. South Florida's other open congressional seat -- in district 17 -- made the TV plunge a few weeks ago, in a race that will largely be decided in the primary.

Rivera is widely expected to defeat Marili Cancio and Paul Crespo in the GOP primary and go up against Joe Garcia, who faces Luis Meurice in the Democratic primary.

Rivera's ad, titled "Bringing It Home," focuses on -- what else? -- the economy and creating jobs.

"Improving our economy begins here, because with a good education opportunity grows, and so does America," Rivera says in the ad, with a construction site and later a suburban neighborhood as his backdrops. "Which creates paychecks and jobs—not government jobs that we pay for, but real jobs, in the real world that pay us."

Here's the web version of the ad:


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Miami Republic

Ha ha! He cares about us!? Ha! I'm still grinning... q' colmo!

And all the projects that were in the background of the video were for who exactly? ==> FIU, a government institution... not exactly private enterprise...

Come on people... Paul Crespo 2010. Make it happen.


Brining IT Home -already he's promising to do for the district what he did for his alma mater FIU --



FIU is one big CAJA CHINA!

In this race, Paul Crespo is the man, meng!

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