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Dems launch "voter protection' effort

Shh! Don't tell the Florida Democratic Party that dems are dispirited, probably won't flock to the polls and the ole 'Republican-culture-of-corruption' line is soooo 2006/8. Here's their presser:

The Florida Democratic Party today kicks off our 2010 coordinated campaign effort to help lead Democrats to victory in the Sunshine State this November.  It's the first-ever coordinated campaign effort in a non-presidential election year in Florida.

Dubbed the "Campaign for Accountability 2010" to contrast with the Republican candidates' records of Tallahassee backroom deals and questionable business practices, this project of the Florida Democratic Party is charged with leading the grassroots effort to educate voters about strong Democratic leaders like Alex Sink, who has the background, experience and vision to hold Tallahassee accountable, bring jobs to Florida, and improve our education system. The Campaign for Accountability 2010 will also work to harness the enthusiasm of supporters and organize them in communities across Florida as they work for Democratic candidates up and down the ticket.

"Floridians have had enough of the corruption and out-of-touch antics by Tallahassee politicians, and our efforts will teach voters about the new, accountable leadership Florida will have with Alex Sink as Governor and strong Democrats in office," said Florida Democratic Party Chair Karen Thurman. "Today, we launch our groundbreaking Campaign for Accountability 2010 to help ensure victories for our strong Democratic candidates up and down the ballot this November."

The Campaign for Accountability 2010 will focus on engaging Floridians, further empowering grassroots support, and making sure Democrats turn out to vote in record numbers for the 2010 election.

Additionally, to ensure that every voter gets to exercise his or her right to vote and that those votes get counted, the Campaign for Accountability 2010 will run a statewide election protection operation effort. During the past several election cycles, the Florida Democratic Party's voter protection efforts have exposed Republican dirty tricks, such as their alleged voter caging schemes, protecting the right to vote for all Floridians. 

With coalition partners like the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Governors' Association and dozens of local Democratic Clubs, Caucuses and County Democratic Committees across the state, the Campaign for Accountability will have the resources, organization and discipline to ensure that Florida Democrats are organized and energized for the 2010 elections.


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True Blue

And who will be counting the number of bottles that Karen goes thru?????

Lookng For Better Reporting

Wouldn't be so glibly quick to write that "dems are dispirited", Mr. Caputo. I'm running into tons of them that are fed up with what Republican legislative domination has done and still threatens to do to our state - and fired up to change that come November. And "the ole 'Republican-culture-of-corruption' line" you refer to is in fact nowhere to be found in this press release. The push is for "Accountability" - like GOP accountability for economic and ethical failure. And perhaps accountability for lazy journalists leaning on tired ole storylines.


Caputo SUX 2?. Why don't you do your job and report on the corruption and lack of accountability that has been rampant.
The Republican led legislature in Flroida is a F'ing JOKE.
These GOOD OLE BOYS Need to be shown the DOOR.
Haridopolos and Cannon will have OIL RIGS Strewn up and down Florida's Coast.


^^^One can only hope^^^

Giving up on the Republican Party

I'm sick and tired of being a "Republican." I'm sick of the candidates we've been fielding and tired of being told I have to support them "or else!" I'm an American and a Floridian first and I'm not going to vote for a fraudster like Rick Scott. And I don't think either of the candidates backed by JEB Bush - McCollum and Marco Rubio - are what Florida needs right now. I don't think theres been any time in the recent history of our country when times were so bad and yet we couldn't forget our differences and pull together as a team to set things right. But now too many (actually ALL) of the Republicans already in office are digging in their heels and keeping us from moving forward. I have to say that I wish more Republicans would do like Charlie Crist and take a more balanced approach, and listen to the people, instead of the Republican party line, even if it means you have to leave the Party to do it. Sorry for the long ramble. I'm voting for Charlie Crist and Alex Sink.

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