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Did immigration stance cost McCollum the election?

Yes, at least according to some Hispanic Republicans speaking on Spanish-language radio Wednesday morning.

Bill McCollum, who lost the Republican gubernatorial nomination statewide, still defeated Rick Scott in Miami-Dade County.

GOP lobbyist and fundraiser Ana Navarro, who dropped her support for McCollum after he proposed a law "tougher" than the controversial immigration bill in Arizona, said McCollum's stance lowered his margin of victory in Miami-Dade -- and kept many Hispanic voters from going to the polls.

"I think he can blame [immigration]," Navarro said. "I think if you speak frankly with McCollum himself, he would admit it was a mistake."

It was McCollum's sudden support of an Arizona-style immigration bill -- after originally distancing himself from that kind of legislation -- that hurt him, said Carlos Curbelo, Republican in a runoff for a Miami-Dade School Board seat.

"That change took away much of McCollum's credibility," he said, while adding that Scott, who has attacked McCollum's immigration proposal, faces a difficult task ahead in trying to woo Florida Hispanics.

"Scott early on lost his credibility, because he made a series of comments that some interpreted as offensive," Curbelo said, likely referring to Scott's comments about Hispanics eating dinner late and not starting weddings on time.


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Look at the numbers

Does Ana Navarro know what she is talking about? Ummm...McCollum won Miami-Dade 61.3% vs. Scott's 32.6%.

George Fuller

Hey Gringo McCullom, you promise to get tough on illegal aliens or undocumented democrats as we call them.....and we won't vote for you...

No Gringo.....you promise to enforce the law and we will vote for somebody who won't.


McCollum's position on immigration did cost him, but not in the way you state it. Scott painted McCollum as soft on immigration early in the race and it stuck. The lesson learned is that the statewide candidate who appears toughest against illegal immigrants will prevail. Expect Scott to ride that horse all the way to the finish line.

Incidentally, the Hispanic Republican vote is not very significant, even within Miami-Dade County. For decades, a majority of Miami-Dade votes have gone to the Democratic candidate in virtually every statewide election. Look it up.

True Blue

You are all ignoring the 10% that didn't vote for either the puppet or the crook.

harry houdini

Bring back Buffalo Bob!

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