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FPL: There was nothing inaccurate about our filing with the PSC

Florida Power & Light spokesman Mark Bubriski took issue with a previous post that said the company provided inaccurate information to the Public Service Commission last year and cited the confidential investigation, by Concentric Energy Advisors, that was received by commission staff in June and made public to commissioners and the public last week.

Here is his response:

"First, in the exec summary, it says, "Certain information provided by FPL in the 2009 NCRC was out-of-date and did not represent the best information available at that time; FPL is currently taking steps that Concentric believes will address this concern for the future." And in the report, it actually says at one point: "Concentric views the response to Staff 5-53 as being accurate, reliable, and responsive, even though the document referred to was out-of-date." 

As you know, we disagree with this finding and strongly believe that our careful review process saved customers money, but we understand these concerns and have taken steps to address recommendations for improvement. However, to suggest that we in any way attempted to mislead the Commission is completely wrong."

Bubriski also noted problems with the exchange before the commission today involving Commissioner Nathan Skop and FPL lawyer Bryan S. Anderson. Anderson, not speaking under oath, alleged that Skop and the commission staff had access to the confidential investigation that showed FPL has supplied the PSC with the outdated nuclear information two months ago. Skop called on the commission's staff to clarify the record and they confirmed that the information was available to staff two months ago but not to commissioners until last week.

Bubriski: "This is not accurate. We provided the Concentric Report to the Commission Staff two months ago. We have no way of knowing when Commissioner Skop reviewed the report, but we know of no statute or rule that would prohibit a Commissioner from reviewing any document -- confidential or not -- that has been provided to the Staff.

"Here's the timeline for reference: FPL provided the Concentric Report, in its entirety, to the Staff on June 23, 2010. The Staff's audit report, which specifically refers to and quotes the Concentric Report and would also have been available to Commissioner Skop, dates back to July. On Aug. 2, Commissioner Skop called for an evidentiary hearing to occur to discuss confidential documents. On Aug. 11, Skop presided over the pre-hearing, and on Aug. 20, he presided over the confidentiality evidentiary hearing, during which the report was discussed."