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Frederica Wilson takes on politician haters

State Sen. Frederica Wilson has apparently had it up to here with candidates touting their lack of experience in politics as a good thing.

"I'm a politician, and I'm proud to be a politician," Wilson forcefully said at a candidate forum Thursday that featured the nine Democrats running for Kendrick Meek's seat in Congress. "And everyone on this stage wants to be a politician. Otherwise they would not be on this stage!"


Wilson clearly meant the most memorable line of the evening as a jab at Rudy Moise, the doctor/lawyer/businessman/amateur actor who has poured in more than $1 million of his own money into the race. Moments earlier, when host Michael Putney of WPLG-ABC 10 asked the candidates to describe their political philosophies, Moise had replied, "I'm not a politician, so it would be difficult to do this."

So what are the other candidates' self-described philosophies?

Activist Marleine Bastien: "Progressive."

Former state Rep. Phillip Brutus: "I'm a centrist: If it makes sense, whether it comes from the right or the left, I'm for it."

State Rep. James Bush III: "I would say liberal, but I'm for what is right for the citizens of the district."

North Miami Councilman Scott Galvin: "I listen."

Miami Gardens Mayor Shirley Gibson: "I would describe myself as a progressive centrist."

State Rep. Yolly Roberson: "I would describe myself as a public servant."

Miami Gardens Councilman André Williams: "How about all of the above?"

And, from Wilson: "I'm a liberal progressive."