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Frederica Wilson takes on politician haters

State Sen. Frederica Wilson has apparently had it up to here with candidates touting their lack of experience in politics as a good thing.

"I'm a politician, and I'm proud to be a politician," Wilson forcefully said at a candidate forum Thursday that featured the nine Democrats running for Kendrick Meek's seat in Congress. "And everyone on this stage wants to be a politician. Otherwise they would not be on this stage!"


Wilson clearly meant the most memorable line of the evening as a jab at Rudy Moise, the doctor/lawyer/businessman/amateur actor who has poured in more than $1 million of his own money into the race. Moments earlier, when host Michael Putney of WPLG-ABC 10 asked the candidates to describe their political philosophies, Moise had replied, "I'm not a politician, so it would be difficult to do this."

So what are the other candidates' self-described philosophies?

Activist Marleine Bastien: "Progressive."

Former state Rep. Phillip Brutus: "I'm a centrist: If it makes sense, whether it comes from the right or the left, I'm for it."

State Rep. James Bush III: "I would say liberal, but I'm for what is right for the citizens of the district."

North Miami Councilman Scott Galvin: "I listen."

Miami Gardens Mayor Shirley Gibson: "I would describe myself as a progressive centrist."

State Rep. Yolly Roberson: "I would describe myself as a public servant."

Miami Gardens Councilman André Williams: "How about all of the above?"

And, from Wilson: "I'm a liberal progressive."


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George Fuller

Frederica, isn't she the one who keeps introducing a bill in the senate to ban the term "illegal aliens?"

Wow, now that is worth debating doncha think?


The hat lady strikes again in magnificent style!


She can't go to congress. What an embarresment.


How can we trust the future of our district to someone who is satisfied with her status as a career politician and has performed at a level of mediocrity at best. It is time for the people who represent us stop playing games and start getting things done. That is why I am voting for Rudy Moise.


I couldn't vote Frederica or Moise. He's a self-indulgent shady character. I'm voting for the only candidate who is bold enough to say that they are a progressive.


Frederica Wilson has always fought for one thing..children!! Such a wonderful woman and the only politician that has ACTUALLY done something for Florida. Rudy Moise wouldn't know what to do in Congress! He is a self-indulging fool! She has my vote!!!

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