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Frederica Wilson wins, does the electric slide

An ecstatic state Sen. Frederica Wilson defeated eight candidates to take the Democratic nomination to replace Kendrick Meek in Congress. With a no-party-affiliated candidate on the ballot in the general election, Wilson will be widely expected to cruise to victory in November.

And she was already living it up Tuesday night, partying at Chef Creole Seasoned Kitchen in Miami Gardens with her supporters, many of whom went to polling sites decked in matching straw hats to honor Wilson's signature outfit.

"I feel wonderful; I feel great," said Wilson, 68. "This is what I was hoping to see, and this is what God has ordained...I am on cloud nine. I'm dancing with all of my friends and my grandchildren and my family and my sorority sisters and all of my poll workers. I'm just having great time."

And what, exactly, were they dancing to?

Replied Wilson: "The electric slide!"


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George Fuller

Are you the one that submitted a bill to ban calling illegal aliens illegal aliens?

Girl, why would you do that?

What do you think they are?

Undocumented Democrats?

True Blue

I just love her hats. Can't wait to see her on C-SPAN.

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