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Gasp! Aronberg rips Gelber as 'Miami lawyer'

State Sen. Dave Aronberg of Boca Raton slings the epithet "Miami lawyer" at his rival for state attorney general, Dan Gelber, as if hanging a shingle in the 305 is something to be ashamed of. What's next, Miami-as-banana-republic jokes? (Not to mention that Aronberg has some 'Miami lawyer' buried deep in his own past. His first job was at Steel Hector and Davis in Miami.)


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Sam Feldman

Oh! Come on, Beth. This is nonsense. Dave made an issue of Dan working for the law firm that was hired by BP. Maybe he exaggerated the possible consequences of it, but he was factually correct. Dan Gelber took that minor issue as an excuse to really get dirty in his attacks towards Dave Aronberg.

Your above posting is an unfair and gratuitous dig at Dave. This is nothing more than a free campaign attack ad for Dan Gelber.

Get real, Sam

If it was factually correct, why did the St Pete Times, the Tampa Tribune, and the Palm Beach Post call Dave's attacks "dishonest" and "manufactured"?

The Orlando Sentinel said Dave's attacks didn't hold water - or oil!

Dave should be ashamed. As a fellow lawyer (who spent years working in Miami), Dave should know better.

Ed Slavin

GELBER is a typical thin-skinned corporate lawyer who won't answer questions about his white collar criminal defense clients at AKERMAN SENTERFITT. What a narcissist -- it is not about GELBER -- it is about the people of Florida and our right to an Attorney General who will fight for consumers. GELBER's firm represents numerous enemies of the public interest, from Big Oil to Big Sugar to Big Tobacco. GELBER is a good Senator, but would make a deeply conflicted and tainted AG.

The whole truth

Ed, He is no longer with Akerman Senterfitt, noticed you left that out.

Ed has no idea what he is talking about

Ed- Stop using David Aronberg's talking points. You should go to Tallahassee and ask the lobbyists at Clydes who they want to be AG, or better yet, just look at his contribution report. It is clear who Tallahassee wants to win and it isn't Gelber.

Ed Slavin

Are you Dan Gelber or one of his aides?


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