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GOP stops unity rally, blames logistics

A planned unity rally for Republicans tomorrow morning has been scrapped, according to Republican Party of Florida spokeswoman Katie Betta. She maintained that the issue is not with a lack of unity or any hurt feelings between Bill McCollum and Rick Scott. (Bad blood with those two? Nah.... What's $70 million in attack ads between friends?)

Nope, Betta said it's simply an issue of coordinating several statewide candidates on short notice when they are stationed from Pensacola to South Florida for Election Day watch parties. "Logistically it wasn’t something that was going to work out," Betta said.

(It also didn't help that AG candidates Pam Bondi and Jeff Kottkamp don't seem to have much love lost for each other.)

RPOF will hold a Sept. 10 fundraiser featuring Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour and the party's slate of general election candidates.


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