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Governor's race takes to the football field


The Florida governor's race takes to the football field tonight for at the Miami Dolphins-Jacksonville Jaguars exhibition game in Jacksonville. (Is there no place where we can go to avoid this crazy campaign season?)

GOP rivals Bill McCollum and Rick Scott are expected to attend. The question: will they cross paths? McCollum contends Scott is avoiding all joint appearances.

And to add to the election's circus: McCollum's camp -- flush with special interest cash -- hired an airplane to fly above the tailgaters with a banner that reads: "Rick Scott - Release your deposition." (Is there a campaign disclaimer?)

It's unclear how many tailgaters will even understand -- let alone look up from the beer cooler. But it continues the McCollum campaign's effort to stalk Scott on the issue.

Both candidates are expected to bring surrogates to the game tonight. For McCollum, it's former Ark. Gov. Mike Huckabee, who will campaign with him tomorrow. For Scott, it's famed NFL broadcaster Pat Summerall, whose daughter, Susie Wiles, is running Scott's campaign.

(And for the record, Scott's camp is taking his traveling press to the game. But McCollum ditched the capital press corps in the Panhandle at the end of his day-long bus tour and won't let reporters here shadow him at the game. So which campaign is avoiding the press now?)


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George Fuller

There is no end to what a 30 year hack politician will go to keep sucking on the govt teat......

Scott says he will accept only $1 dollar a year while serving.......

Bloggy Bayou

Drunk Opossums and Florida Politics




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