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Greene campaign picks the wrong Cuban-American

IMG00024-20100817-1111 Just days after saying he was reconsidering his support for the Cuban embargo, U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Greene stepped into the lion's den, campaigning this morning at Versailles restaurant in Little Havana.

A campaign staffer was trying to line up some patrons for the Democrat to meet. She approached Ninoska Perez Castellon, not recognizing the popular Radio Mambi talk show host and hardline embargo supporter.

"Not after his trip,'' Castellon said, referring to Greene's 2007 visit to Cuba. "Not after his comments on the embargo. I don't want to have coffee with him.''

Greene sat down to have coffee with some friendlier gentlemen, who denied that the campaign had staged their appearance. In front of a scrum of local television and newspaper reporters, Castellon interrupted the conversation: "Are you aware that while partying on your yacht in Cuba...there's apartheid?''

Greene kept his cool. He denied that there was any partying going on and said he had stopped his yacht in Cuba for emergency repairs.

"It's a 50-year program that hasn't worked,'' Greene said of the trade embargo. "We all want to get rid of the Castro regime."


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