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Greene paid $115,000 to settle libel suit

Forbes: Documents from a libel case paint an unflattering picture of Florida Democratic Senate hopeful Jeff Greene, with employees of a property management firm he used making declarations describing him as cruel and abusive. Greene paid $115,000 in 2007 to settle the suit, filed by an employee of the firm.

Craig Tice, chief operating officer of LB Property Management in Sherman Oaks, Calif., filed the libel suit in California state court in Los Angeles after Greene telephoned Tice's colleagues at LB Property Management and told them Tice was a "thief" and "criminal" who "'stole' Greene's money," a court document filed by Tice says. But nearly a year after allegedly making the comments, in deposition testimony, Greene said he had "no evidence that anybody stole any money."

In one telephone call, Tice alleged in court documents, Greene told an LB Property employee "he was going to file criminal charges" against Tice and LB Property Management, and "take them all down." In that same phone call, Greene said that Rocky Delgadillo, then the city attorney of Los Angeles, was married at Greene's home and that Greene was "worth half a billion dollars," a court document filed by Tice alleges. In another phone call to a different LB employee, Greene said that Tice was a "liar" who "does not know who he is dealing with," according to a court document filed by Tice.

In total, Tice alleged in court documents that he had evidence, including e-mail messages and transcribed voicemail messages, showing Greene had made over 40 defamatory statements to Tice's corporate and industry colleagues in 2006, including one phone call in which Greene told an LB employee that Tice was "uneducated" and "in jail," and that Greene "will do anything to tear Tice apart."