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Haridopolos calls Scott attacks 'water under the bridge'

One of the big under-the-radar winners last night: incoming Senate President Mike Haridopolos, who won all legislative races where he made an endorsement. “I really wanted to transform the Senate and I think with our election victories last night it is a reality now,” he said.

Haridopolos backed Jim Norman, Ellyn Bogdanoff, Lizbeth Benacquisto and Miguel Diaz de la Portilla who all won handily in the primaries and saw other conservatives like John Thrasher and Thad Altman win party bids for re-nomination.

He is trying to get a two-thirds majority (27) to make the Republican agenda virtually unstoppable and right now Haridopolos said he is predicting at a 28 member majority. "I was very aggressive about playing in Republican primaries because I wanted to make sure the Senate is a fiscally conservative place to do business,” he said. “I think last nights victories are a sign that if I support somebody, I’m going to be there 100 percent for them.”

The only race where he made an endorsement and didn't win: governor. 

But he called it "water under the bridge."

"Rick Scott ran positive ads and he ran negative ads. He knows that and we know that. And that's a campaign. … But we are big boys and this is about the state of Florida. If he's going to be a successful governor and I'm going to be a successful Senate president then we have to work together. I consider it water under the bridge. But I didn't write the ads on these 527s. I supported Bill McCollum. He asked me raise money for him and I did because I support Bill McCollum.

“There are some things said in a campaign -- much like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton said -- but when the election is over they got back together, forged an alliance and won two years ago. I expect Rick Scott to be in it to win. I’m in it to win," he said.