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In full page ad, Scott asks 'What is Bill McCollum hiding?'

Bill McCollum will open the Sunday paper in Jacksonville and see Jim Greer's mugshot -- next to his own picture.

It's a familiar sight after the controversial TV commercial and a similar mailer. But rival Rick Scott upped the ante today buying full page ads in seven major Florida newspapers (Times-Union, Pensacola News-Journal, Miami Herald, Tampa Tribune, Tallahassee Democrat, Palm Beach Post and Orlando Sentinel) that asks: "What is Bill McCollum hiding?" It lists the timeline of McCollum's extensive involvement in the Greer scandal.

The lone paper not to run the ad is the St. Petersburg Times. According to the Scott camp, the Times refused to run the ad without giving McCollum the chance to respond. A response from the Times advertising department was not immediately available.


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Greer cleared the field of other candidates (like Charlies Bronson) so McCollum could run. McCollum, in turn turned many a blind eye. Business as usual. Stop it NOW.

Saint Petersblog

Jim Greer bounces check to Republican Party.


Bloggy Bayou

Drunk Opossums and Florida Politics




Well, unlike Scott, McCollum is NOT hiding depositions taken in court cases related Scott's old or new company's that overcharge Medicare to steal taxpayers' money.

McCollum is especially not hiding the deposition where Scott took the 5th amendment 75 frakking times to protect his sorry, skinny backside from prosecution.

Hey, Richie Rick, why have you NOT EVER APOLOGIZED to taxpayers and seniors for taking their money?

Concerned voter

The Party hacks will be kissing Scott's feet the day after the Primary.

Watch for unity breakfast between all the Party hacks and Scott.

George Fuller

You have to give the McCullom strategists credit for being able to divert the campaign away from issues and get people to actually believe a deposition is important to a campaign....

It proves it is possibel many ordinary voters can be manipulated to support McCullom and oppose Scott on non issue items......

George Fuller

GREAT!........But which side is he on in the battle? Perhaps I can clarify it for you.

A few names have been mentioned as possible running mates for McCullom so that should help in determining which side of the fence (no pun intended) he is on regarding illegal immigration.

Possible running partners mentioned are Julio Robaina, Juan Planas, Antiere Flores and J. Alex Villalobos.

All of the above named have something in common and do you know what it is?

No, that would be racial profiling.

The common link is actually the 2009 legislative session.

Representative Schenck introduced HB 567 that would prohibit sanctuary cities in Florida. It is amazing someone who takes an oath of office to protect and defend the citizens could and would support sanctuary cities.

Led by Rep. Zapata and Rep. Rivera, Robaina, Planas and Flores along with 6 other reps. attacked HB 567 with amendments not once, not twice but three times to kill it. The bill died in committee and these supporters of sanctuary cities won.

Meanwhile in the Senate, Atwater assigned SB 1532 sponsored by Senator Storms, a companion bill to HB 567, to a committee chaired by a democrat Senator Aronberg. Storms tried to no avail to get the bill heard in committee and Aronberg refused. Finally in frustration requested the bill be moved to another committee and Aronberg finally agreed. The catch is Storms had to get Villalobos, Chair of the Rules Committee, to call it up to get it moved. I'm sure by now you know Villalobos let the bill die in his committee.

Robaina, Planas, Flores and Villalobos are all mentioned as possible Lt. Governor running mates.

Now, do you have a better idea which side of the fence McCullom is on regarding supporting or opposing illegal immigration?

Limp Wrist

Who is Rick Scott? http://bit.ly/whoareyourickscott

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