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Jeb Bush to campaign with McCollum

Down (in the polls) and out(spent), Bill McCollum is rolling out the big guns in his push to win the GOP primary for governor.

Former Gov. Jeb Bush will join the attorney general for a statewide fly-around Monday, the first day of early voting. Bush endorsed McCollum early in the contest and appeared in the campaign's first television ad -- back when the campaign took a positive tone.

But Bush's endorsement is largely lost in the madness now, as Scott pours millions into the race for his own advertising and siphons support from the Republican base. Can Bush's glow help revive McCollum's faltering campaign and deliver Republican voters who still consider him the second coming? Or if McCollum can't make a comeback, will Bush's kingmaker status get tarnished?


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True Blue

Less than zero, Jeb, can't pull the puppet out of the hat.

Jeb's rep. is going, going, gone!!!


Wait until Jeb calls Scott a crook in front of the masses. That'll wake up Republicans!


Mike: You are naive. No matter what Jeb says the day after the Primary all the Party hacks will be kissing Scott's shoes. Can you say hypocrites?

George Fuller

Jeb Bush is part of the good ole boy gang that has controlled Tallahassee for the past 15 years. During that time the illegal alien population exploded and FL taxpayers have had to pay over $20 Billion to educate, medicate and incarcerate them.

Bloggy Bayou

The Florida GOP Governor Debate of 05 August 2010: A Lesson in Journalistic and Political Malfeasance



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