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Jeff Greene threatens Times with libel suit

UPDATED: It didn't match Rick Scott's now-famous outrage but Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Greene is livid at the St. Petersburg Times. In a Friday press conference at the Florida Press Center, Greene said he is threatening to file a libel lawsuit after this article tying him to the mortgage mess. He said the Times has until Tuesday to print a front-page retraction or he will sue.

The Times issued this statement in response: "The Times' coverage of Mr. Greene and his business transactions has been thorough and fair, and the reporting is well-documented in public records. Our story is accurate, balanced and we stand by it. Mr.Greene is welcome to submit a letter to the editor if he wishes to take further exception."


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Cynical Idealist

Why is it always the stuck pig that squeals the loudest?

Wile Greene MAY not have done anything illegal (I speculate because I don't know the real estate laws) it's clear he was skating on the edge of ethical behavior, if not over the line on the law.

If Greene gets the nomination, I guarantee the RPOF will hold him up as exactly what's wrong with the democratic party.

That's a shame considering Greene was a republican congressional candidate in the early 80's.

Now, if he gets elected, Florida will get what we deserve: screwed by a guy who really knows how to do it....

True Blue

Note to Jeff: When you run for public office everything in your entire life is open to public comment.

Too bad you wasted all that money.

Bloggy Bayou

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