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Jeff Greene's spending

We're already hearing some veteran Florida campaign operatives cluck over what they see as Jeff Greene having blown his opportunity to have knocked out Kendrick Meek early. As of Aug. 13, he had reported spending about $22.89-million of his own money on his primary - which is more than four times as much as Meek and about half what Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott has spent. (We'll refrain from wondering aloud how someone can spend $23-million of his own money and still have Florida's only statewide campaign that can't or won't provide a schedule of campaign events more than 12 hours in advance.)

Had Joe Trippi convinced Greene to keep up the spending early on, the theory goes,he could have buried Meek to the point where he could not dig out. After all, Greene arguably had an easier job than fellow self-funder Rick Scott. Scott faced an opponent who had already been on the statewide ballot three times, while Meek was far less known. What's more, Meek never was going to have access the $15-million to fight back, like McCollum.