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John Stemberger raises questions about Pam Bondi's sex life

Social conservative John Stemberger is endorsing LG. Jeff Kottkamp in the Republican Attorney General's race and he wants everyone to know it in a recent endorsement letter. Stemberger also takes Republican prosecutor Pam Bondi to task (sounds like shes the frontrunner) by noting "personally, she has no children and lives with her 60 year old eye doctor boyfriend."


Stemberger frequently criticizes gay people for their relationships, but singling out a single woman like that is taking on a far broader spectrum of society. It's playing with campaign dynamite: It could blow up on Bondi, or on Stemberger or Kottkamp, who was at pains to explain in a recent debate why his campaign leaked an unflattering email from a Bondi ex.

In a brief text message exchange, Stemberger disputes the notion that he's talking about Bondi's sex life. "Never said anything about sex," he wrote. True. He didn't use the "s" word. But he only talked about the man she was living with and the matter of children, the product of sex. He didn't mention any non-sex related private matters (pets, house size, favorite book, etc.)

"Marital status, children, living arrangements are all matters that tell us something about a person and their life experience. And therefore are relevant," he wrote in a message.

Here's the whole piece:

Why I am supporting Jeff Kottkamp and Not Pam Bondi for Florida Attorney General:
By John Stemberger

The Attorney General’s race is very important. Most of the political oxygen in Florida is being consumed by the historical U.S. Senate race and the Florida Governor’s race. But there is one other really important statewide race that I am asking Floridians to please consider carefully, and that is for Florida’s next Attorney General (AG). This position is important because the AG makes a number of very important decisions as the state’s top law enforcement officer including prosecution of the gay adoption ban legal appeal that is likely to be decided any month now, which may end up needing to be defended before the Florida Supreme Court.

Jeff Kottkamp is the real Social Conservative in the race and that is why I endorsed him. There are three Republican candidates: Holly Benson, Pam Bondi and Jeff Kottkamp. I have endorsed Jeff Kottkamp because he is clearly the best conservative for the job and he is the strongest supporter of life, marriage and family issues. Jeff Kottkamp was endorsed by Florida Right to Life and was not just a good vote in the legislature, but was a leader on pro-life issues. Holly Benson is a very nice lady, is moderately conservative and would serve honorably as AG. However I am growing increasingly concerned about Pam Bondi and want to explain why she needs to be stopped.

All of the AG candidates reached out to the major social conservative leaders in Florida-- Except for Pam Bondi. Starting early last year, both Jeff Kottkamp and Holly Benson called me several times asking for their support. They e-mailed me several times. They physically came to my office to talk with me and reached out to me for support. Both Jeff and Holly also attended the FFPC annual dinner with Marco Rubio and Fred Barnes. Bondi on the other hand, has very strangely not reached out to me or any other major pro family leaders in the state knowing full well she was in a three way Republican primary. Even after I personally reached out to Bondi by e-mailing her campaign manager, my good friend Brett Doster, I was told there were other things more important she was working on and she would get with me later.… Weeks went by. No calls. No e-mails. No visit.

As the campaign has progressed, Bondi has clearly emerged as the RINO moderate in the AG’s primary election. Bondi is technically a registered Republican, but has been a Democrat most of her life switching parties in 2000. She did not even bother to vote in the elections of 1984, 1986, 1988, 1990, 1992, 2002 & 2008. This shows her commitment to citizenship. Personally, she has no children and lives with her 60
year old eye doctor boyfriend. She refuses to take a position on the gay adoption ban. Like Rudy Guiliani and Charlie Crist she will claim to be tough on crime (Remember Chain Gang Charlie?) BUT will end up liberal on moral and social issues. The Attorney General is a prime statewide office to run for Governor or U.S. Senate someday. And we do not need another liberal, Charlie Crist Republican In Name Only (RINO) in this or any other office in Florida.

Didn’t Bondi get endorsed by some Washington, D.C. pro-life group? Bondi’s campaign manager apparently managed to secure her an endorsement from a woman’s pro-life group called Susan B. Anthony based out of
Washington, D.C.. But SBA never talked to any pro- life leaders here in Florida before doing so, and they have unfortunately developed a reputation for favoring women who claim to be pro-life even if there is a better pro-life male candidate in the race with a clear voting record. I called the Susan B. Anthony Society, identified myself, and asked about the reason for their endorsement months ago. I never received a return phone call or any explanation.


I can’t tell you how many people have apologized to me for voting for Charlie Crist after I predicted years ago that he would be become liberal and was just putting on a fake conservative show to win the primary. Well I predict this is exactly what we will get with Pam Bondi. If Bondi is not willing to reach out to the major social conservative leaders in a three way primary race, then do you really think she is not going to give us the time of day if she became attorney general? Jeff Kottkamp is no Charlie Crist. He is a strong social conservative with a strong voting record on life, family and marriage issues. I encourage you to strongly support Jeff Kottkamp for Florida’s next Attorney General.


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wowzers. Bondi is a liberal but I would not mind to have her living with me.


This guy Stemberger=Rubio is exactly why the Party is being taken over by the far right fringe.

Give em hell Charlie! Moderate Republicans for Crist


Stemberger is fraud. He's a disgusting excuse for a human being.

Not very Christian-like

This is outrageous and sexist. Stemberger should be ashamed. N


So if you don't have children and don't kiss this guy Sternberger's ring then I guess you are not a social conservative?

Who is this guy and why does his opinion even matter?

If I were Jeff Kottkamp I would NOT want him on my side.

Sandra Stevens

Stemberger is shameless. He and Kottkamp are trial lawyers and Bondi was endorsed by the Florida Chamber of Commerce. That's all this is about and I'm shocked Stemberger would stoop to this level.

Social conservatives for Bondi include:

Barbara Collier, Ft. Lauderdale: former Chair of the Christian Coalition of Broward County, activist with Florida Right to Life, former Field Director for Reclaiming America, and founder of the Institute for Conservative Studies at Florida State University.

Laura Gallagher, Tallahassee: attorney, founder of North Florida Women’s Prayer Brunch, and served as a spokesperson for the “Yes4Marriage” Campaign in 2008.

John Giotis, Tarpon Springs: educator and school headmaster, appointed by President George W. Bush to serve on the Jacob Javits Fellowship Board, anti-pornography activist, organizer for the Christian Coalition of Pinellas County, Social Conservatives for Bush-Cheney Team Leader of Pinellas County, and Pinellas County Director for the “Yes4Marriage” Campaign in 2008.

The Honorable John Grant, Tampa: attorney, former State Representative and former State Senator, key leader of the pro-life movement in Florida, sponsor and co-sponsor of key conservative legislation.

Mac McGehee, Jacksonville: Vice President of Mac Papers, pro-life leaders, activist and major donor for conservative causes and issue campaigns.

Terry Kemple, Tampa: retired activist; former executive director of the Christian Coalition of Florida; member of Pastors on Patrol; serves on the Board of Directors of LifeCare of Brandon.

Nancy Peek McGowan, Jacksonville: appointed by Attorney General Bill McCollum to serve on the Florida Commission on the Status of Women, conservative activist and twice commissioned Respect Life Coordinator for the Diocese of St. Augustine, currently serves on the Executive Board of the Justice Coalition; 2nd vice president of the Duval County Federated Republican Women Club.

Pat Neal, Bradenton: Chairman of Neal Communities, former State Senator, and former Chair of the Christian Coalition of Florida.

Mike Rodriguez, Miami: Social Conservatives for Bondi Miami-Dade Committee; consultant with GCSI Group, Inc., Chair of the National Americans of Faith Alliance PAC.

Bob Rosasco, Miami: Social Conservatives for Bondi Miami-Dade Committee Co-Chair; former Chair of the Republican Party of Miami-Dade County.



Sandra; Sounds good. Social conservatives for Crist.


During the last 20 years, the Republican Party has cultivated and encouraged fringe elements like Stemberger in order to gain power. While these fringe elements may have won some battles, they've lost the culture war and unless the Republican Party distances itself from them, the party itself will be seen as being crazier and crazier. This election cycle reminds of the old adage, "sow the wind, reap the whirlwind."


Phoszoe: You hit this on the head.

It ain't your Daddy's Party any more.

Now it's Rubio=Dick Morris=Ann Coulter=Palin

True Blue

Hey, John I heard that she also did the dirty deed with a goat. How come you didn't include that?

G NO P gets funnier and funnier by the day.


Absolutely disgusting statement by Stemberger. He is just upset that she wouldn't beg for his endorsement.

Bondi Wins

Stemberger is going to lose with McCollum and he is going to lose with Kottkamp and then he will be exposed for the fraud that he is.


I read the reporter's spin and then I read the entire email. It seems to me he is questioning her commitment to conservative principles, something a liberal reporter would know nothing about.


Stemberger should be ashamed of himself. He is also a hypocrite because in the past he called Bill McCollum some harsh names and refused to endorse him..........but this election cycle he is all for McCollum.


That's pretty awful. For all we know she isn't able to have kids. Shame on this guy.

Matt Jessee

Did John Stemberger ask Holly Benson and Jeff Kottkamp if they ever had premarital sex or disobeyed any other moral codes in the Bible? Stemberger is a fraud and a hypocrite. His nasty personal attack on Bondi just gave me a very good reason to take a close look at her before I make a decision. She seems impressive. Kottkamp is off my list if he's won support from this slimeball.


Matthew 7

 1"Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
 3"Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

Woman voter

OH MY. I was truly undecided but this just decided it for me. Maybe the reason the campaign staff didn't kiss this guy's ring is because they clearly already knew what everyone in Florida now knows - he's nuts.

What, no mention of Jeff leaving his wife and kids behind all the time to "work" in Tallahassee. What, no mention of Jeff's often questionable use of state travel funds? Using a state law enforcement officer paid by taxpayers to babysit? How is all that and more conservative?

As a woman, I've grown more and more offended at the swipe and immediate references to Bondi's looks. Get over yourselves. It's the 21st century.

I'm early voting this week and I was briefly stumped and torn on this primary. No longer. Thanks for helping add to my observations of the past many months.

Woman voter

By the way, the fair thing to do would've been to ask this guy how many times he's been married or divorced or cheated on his wife or has he fathered any chidren out of wedlock and what age is his current wife if he's married. Yep. Would've been a bit more balanced.


Brett and Bondi tearing up the blogs under different names once again. Get a life you two. Your posts are boring and repetitive.


I think what Stemberger brings up here is totally legit. He's speaking to conservatives, and conservatives care about how conservative their elected officials are. A woman living with her boyfriend, is not conservative.

Additionally, Stemberger is very pro-life and pro-family, and the fact that Bondi has no husband and no kids, factors in to a concern that she is not going to be as pro-family as he would like to see in a candidate.

How is that not fair?


I have a rule: anytime a "social conservative" yaps disapprovingly about some candidate's personal life I vote for that candidate on the theory that at least the candidate HAS a life.


Stemberger and Reker sitting in a tree...hahahaha

9:52 is an ahole

9:52 You are such a LIAR! Posts like yours are how you get sued. Be very careful my friend. Kottkamp has NEVER cheated on his wife.

True Blue

Who, except a bunch of right wing nuts, cares who sleeps with who.

Why don't you all MYOB.

I dont live with Pam

WHO cares who Bondi slept with? Ive seen that wrinkled up old guy she is "engaged" to and, besides, she isn't really that hot. Beware of air brushed photos! Now, if you put Melissa's face on Pam's body and gave it some personality...well THERE would be something!

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