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Katy Sorenson backs Eugene Flinn for Miami-Dade County Commission

In the battle of the South Dade mayors to represent District 8 on the Miami-Dade County commission, Palmetto Bay Mayor Eugene Flinn now has one thing former Homestead Mayor Lynda Bell does not: the endorsement of the commissioner the two are hoping to replace.

Katy Sorenson threw her support behind Flinn Thursday afternoon, saying she and him "share similar values and priorities."

"I know that Gene is committed to principles of good government and citizen participation, and I firmly believe that he will uphold the highest ethical standards as a public officias, as his eight-year record shows," Sorenson said.

The endorsement is not particularly surprising: Sorenson has often been a progressive voice in County Hall, and Bell has positioned herself as more conservative. The former president of FLorida Right to Life surprised some political observers by making it into the runoff despite not being one of the top two fundraisers in the race.

But the endorsement could still carry some weight in a district where Sorenson is still popular.

"I'm overwhelmed today," Flinn said. "This is a strong message. This is an outstanding boost to this campaign."


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Independent voter

Give em hell Eugene!


Flinn was not one of the top two fundraisers in the race either. The top fundraisers are both OUT. Just goes to show you can't buy elections. Jeff Greene knows that too now.

whynotthe best

what a surprise for Katy to support Flinn. Did you see the other lady standing behind him in the press conference (the mayor of Pinecrest). if you follow the history of these two two ladies, they will support a monkey as long as s/he has a "D" behind his name. is there view it is party first.

Lynda Bell is several light years ahead of Flinn when it comes to government, integrity and caring about the people first.

Lynda Bell, the fact Katy did not support you got you my vote and my family vote.

I can not think of one thing Katy did for our district that stands out, she did not get along with anyone of the other commissioners and none of staff. if that is what she wants Flinn to do, then it is business as usual.

Bell on the other hand will change things from day one. that is her track record.

Mr. Sunshine

@whynotthe best: a little bitter?

Katy blocked a commercial airport on top of Biscayne National Park against unbelievable odds. She made it illegal to discriminate against gays. She pushed the Parks bond that created playgrounds all over the county. She fought off about a dozen attempts to build thousands of houses on farmland over the last five years alone.

Heck, just recently she found money in this crappy economy to bring water service to a neighborhood she represents that has been poisoned with pesticide.

"can not think of one thing" goes to show how well you've been paying attention. Oh, and you want her to "get along" with the commissioners too. On what, the baseball deal? On moving the UDB for more sprawl?

Frankly, if that's what it takes to get your vote, I don't think Mr. Flinn would want it anyway.


Katy Sorenson is a fine County Commissioner. She may have had her shortcomings but remember, that no politician can be everyting to all people. She should be praised for her hard work not only for our district but for South Florida as a whole.

Having said that, I will give my support to former Mayor Lynda Bell because in these very difficult economic times she is the only candidate in this race who has presented an aggressive agenda to bring back much needed jobs into the district and South Florida as a whole. And I don't mean construction jobs, either.

She will not vote to raise taxes on us unlike MANY members of the Commission who did just that in 2009, in the middle of one of the worst economic recessions in American history.

But besides having proven to be a fighter for the "little guy" (she took on the deacades-old good 'ole boy network in Homestead head-on and lost) she WILL NOT be a pushover or "go along to get along" like several others on the Commission. She proved this by standing up to the special interests who wanted to pave over Homestead and increase irresponsible urban sprawl.

She issued a temporary building moratorium right upon taking office in 2007. That pissed a lot of people off and several well-known developers got together and simply raised close to a quarter million dollars to oust her from office.

They did.

And now, the City of Homestead is back to its typical "scandal-a-month" hijinks with a puppet developer as Mayor (no surprise there) and a do-nothing Council which gives the word "backward" a whole new meaning.

I will vote for Lynda Bell because she is a fighter, a non-conformist and an idealist.

Gee, I guess she has more in common with Katy than one thinks!


Give em HELL LYNDA!!!

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