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Kendrick Meek's nice new ad

Taking a respite from attacking Jeff Greene on TV, Kendrick Meek has a positive ad about himself up now.


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I thank Kendrick for reminding me in this video that his mother is another crooked politician. Good riddance to him when he loses his primary election.


Should have run this as his first but too little too late. 21 days before the Primary is not the time to try an introduction.


Where are these Kendrick ads running, bc I haven't seen one yet? I see Jeff Greene all the time, but never Kendrick. Either he doesn't have the money to spend in Miami or he thinks he doesn't need to spend here. I think it's a big mistake either way and think he's pretty much done for. He could only raise 50k in DC w/ Rahm Emanuel...that's pathetic. Even if he wins the primary, he's going to get destroyed in the general. Whatever, I'm a Dem and am voting for Charlie in the general. I'm voting Greene in the primary, bc I don't think Kendrick is very intelligent or brings much to the table legislatively. He got everything he has because of his mom, which I don't think entitles him to be in the US Senate. I think Greene at least has business sense, which Kendrick has none. Kendrick is just looking for his next job...he should have just stayed in the house. I'll guess he'll be a good lobbyist or run for his seat again in 2 years. He made a huge mistake getting in this race.


Couldn't agree more withe above statement.

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