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Kottkamp, Dorworth pledge to return Greer money

Disgraced GOP chairman Jim Greer didn't write them letters asking for it but two more top Florida Republicans are returning his contributions Monday.

Following Gov. Charlie Crist’s lead, Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp’s attorney general campaign said Monday it would donate the $1,000 the Jim and Lisa Greer gave to the party -- to help repay the money Greer misused, said campaign manager David Bishop. The campaign promised this a month ago -- at the prodding of rival Pam Bondi -- but still hadn't made the donation, campaign finance records show.

Likewise, Rep. Chris Dorworth, a future House speaker seeking re-election, said he would return the $500 his campaign received. "I don't recall getting a campaign contribution from him this cycle, but I haven't looked. If I did, I would return the check," Dorworth said. He received the check the day before the 2009 session at a Florida Chamber fundraiser and later promised to send it back.

Two other Republican legislative candidates, Clay Ingram of Pensacola and Jason Brodeur of Sanford, returned Greer’s contributions June 3, the day after his indictment. And Attorney General Bill McCollum, a Republican candidate for governor, returned $1,000 on Mar. 30, the day before the party and state authorities disclosed the Greer investigation -- but 15 days after McCollum referred the matter to FDLE.


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Cynical Idealist

So, what's the chance Dorworth will ask to get back the money his CCE gave the re-election campaign of the judge hearing his court case?

So, what's the chance Dorworth will stop paying his living expenses out of his campaign account?

So, what's the chance Dorworth is still poking the Chamber staffer? We know he can't be going to the Keys with her any more, now that Greer's no longer with the party and can't cover their expenses on his Amex card...

True Blue

Yeah, these two crooks will give the money back when hell freezes over.

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