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Larry Cretul memo to Rick Scott: Cough up the depo

Mild-mannered House Speakerr Larry Cretul has become quite the campaign battle ax these days. First he took it to Gov. Charlie Crist, over and over again. Now he's writing a letter to GOP frontrunner Rick Scott about a deposition the gov. candidate gave in lawsuit just six days before announcing his candidacy. Bill McCollum made much of it in the debate last night as asked Scott to release the depo. Scott didn't so much refuse as simply duck the issue. Expect his campaign to do the same thing.

Background blog and story are here.

Text of Cretul letter is here:

Dear Mr. Scott:

As Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives and a leader of the Republican majority in the Florida
Legislature, I am very invested in not only the future of our Party in this state, but, more importantly, the future of Florida. Our state’s next Governor will be faced with unprecedented unemployment rates, a dire economic climate and executive decisions, such as redistricting legislation, which will have a tremendous impact on our residents and visitors for years to come.

As you have mentioned many times, it is absolutely accurate to assert I proudly support Bill McCollum to be
Florida’s next Governor. He is the strong principled conservative we need to lead our state through these
challenging times. However, this letter to you is not about primary politics, but a concern for the greater good of the conservative principles we have all worked hard to achieve in this state.

In light of recent concerning revelations from the Miami Herald about the new health care company you founded, I am increasingly concerned that if you are successful in the primary election, your candidacy jeopardizes our ability to win the Governor’s Mansion, elect conservative rising star Marco Rubio to the U.S. Senate and retain our majority in both the Florida Senate and House.

With just less than three weeks until the primary, educating voters on the records and positions of candidates for our state’s highest office is critical. I request you release all documents related to the multiple concerning lawsuits against your company, Solantic, which is now surrounded by allegations of fraud, criminal activity and discrimination.

These claims appear eerily similar to the claims against Columbia/HCA, the company you ran that orchestrated one of the most massive Medicare fraud schemes in history. If true, your candidacy in a general election will surely cede the state’s highest office to Democrat Alex Sink and have devastating consequences down the ballot.I look forward to your acknowledgement of this request and the release of the Solantic records.


Larry Cretul


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This guy Cretul is a Party hack of the highest order. Watch him kissing Scott's feet the day after the Primary.

George Fuller

Speaker Cretul........you and the good ole boys establishment that have run Tally for the last 15 years are worried about Scott?

You and the other gobs stood by as 1 million illegal aliens came into FL creating chaos and anarchy...all so you could protect the major contributors who put profits ahead of patriotism to hire illegal aliens.

In the process you forced Floridians to pay $20 Billion to educate, medicate and incarcerate illegal aliens.

You demanding answers?........Ha.......you are the one that needs to answer for the sad state you and your gobs have got us in.

Sit down and shut up........

Steve Garcia

You guys are really worried that Scott the limp wristed alien is going down in flames. This is just the start--he's been found out and it ain't going to be pretty. He will have wasted so much money and lost. He should have just repaid the taxpayers he fleeced and asked for forgiveness. Scott and Obama two of a kind. Florida doesn't need an Obama clone in white skin==and I mean real white skin. The guys is freaky!!!!

George Fuller

Garcia must be worried Scott is going to get elected and he will be picked up and deported when the AZ crime bill goes into effect.


Rick Scott has a limp wrist.

Gator Dad

The Pubs are sooooo gullible. My son and his friends are making money hand over fist working for the Florida Democratic Party posting to blogs, websites, polls, etc. in support of Scott. Between the Dems playing games with the Tea Baggers and the Scott campaign, looks like the Pubs aren't going to know what the heck hit them. Sink is looking better and better and she hasn't even started her campaign.

Gator Dad

Oh, I forgot to mention. What is this about a guy who patronizes sex bondage clubs now a key staff member of Scott's campaign? Don't know how my son and his buds are going to explain/spin that one. Maybe hiring this guy is part of that 7/7/7 Plan. LOL!!! I could see old Scott tied up by a bimbo.

Kirk Pepper's Head

LOL. Lots of McCollum staffers up late desperately peddling their dirt.

Get ready, Florida, for the sleaziest, most low down, transparent, dirty trick you've ever laid eyes upon.

Bill McCollum and his cronies will stop at nothing to protect themselves from being exposed for the crooks they are, and all of Florida will be aghast when his underhandedness is exposed.

Vote out career politicians

Funny how Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment doesn't apply to AG McCollum, Cretul and the rest of the good old boy establishment. For the future of Florida's Republican party, I hope Scott wins and cleans house.


7:04 am: Don't worry the day after the Primary all of those Party hacks will be bent over kissing Scott's feet.


Ronald Reagans' 11th commandment doesn't apply to AG McCollum because Richie Rick doesn't count as a real Republican.

Scott is a crook, and Reagan never said not to speak ill of crooks. If more Republicans had been willing to speak ill of the crooks, lurkin within their ranks, maybe they wouldn't have lost their way and forsaken their principles in their lust for power.

Case in point, Tom DeLay, the crooked bugman from Texas would almost single-handedly turned the Republican revolution in the Congress into a special interest, money-grubbing power operation.


George Fuller says "
Speaker Cretul........you and the good ole boys establishment that have run Tally for the last 15 years are worried about Scott?"

Fuller knows nothign of which he speaks. First, Cretul has been in Tally only eight eyars, and of all the folks I have known over 40 years, he is the least connected in Tally with the big boys. He ended up as speaker because he was the hardest working guy around and was asked to be speaker pro tem, and then promoted when the speaker went down in flames.

I disagree with him on McCollum; he supports him, I do not, but to claim he is the one connected is a joke. Bill has been the golden boy of the establishment for years. He hasn't had a job off the public dole since he ran against Richard Kelly many years ago.


To call Larry "hard working" is the funniest thing i've heard in a while. He has little higher education and its certainly shown in his "leadership", it's sad he represents my hometown.

George Fuller

What I was referring to hatter chatter is the fact the good ole boys, including have controlled Tally for 15 years......The gang members have changed over time, term limits you know, but it is the same crowd.

Those good ole boys cost FL taxpayers at least $20 billion to educate, medicate and incarcerate illegal aliens......while they allowed their contributors to hire illegal alien labor and put profits before patriotism.....Larry Cretul was right there with them....

Ya know what I mean hate chat?

True Blue

Wow, the so called G.NO P. leadership in Tally must be going crazy at the thought of Rick Scott as the head of the party.

A new broom sweeps clean!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bloggy Bayou

As The Florida GOP Goes In 2010, So Goes The National GOP In 2012



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