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Larry Cretul memo to Rick Scott: Cough up the depo

Mild-mannered House Speakerr Larry Cretul has become quite the campaign battle ax these days. First he took it to Gov. Charlie Crist, over and over again. Now he's writing a letter to GOP frontrunner Rick Scott about a deposition the gov. candidate gave in lawsuit just six days before announcing his candidacy. Bill McCollum made much of it in the debate last night as asked Scott to release the depo. Scott didn't so much refuse as simply duck the issue. Expect his campaign to do the same thing.

Background blog and story are here.

Text of Cretul letter is here:

Dear Mr. Scott:

As Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives and a leader of the Republican majority in the Florida
Legislature, I am very invested in not only the future of our Party in this state, but, more importantly, the future of Florida. Our state’s next Governor will be faced with unprecedented unemployment rates, a dire economic climate and executive decisions, such as redistricting legislation, which will have a tremendous impact on our residents and visitors for years to come.

As you have mentioned many times, it is absolutely accurate to assert I proudly support Bill McCollum to be
Florida’s next Governor. He is the strong principled conservative we need to lead our state through these
challenging times. However, this letter to you is not about primary politics, but a concern for the greater good of the conservative principles we have all worked hard to achieve in this state.

In light of recent concerning revelations from the Miami Herald about the new health care company you founded, I am increasingly concerned that if you are successful in the primary election, your candidacy jeopardizes our ability to win the Governor’s Mansion, elect conservative rising star Marco Rubio to the U.S. Senate and retain our majority in both the Florida Senate and House.

With just less than three weeks until the primary, educating voters on the records and positions of candidates for our state’s highest office is critical. I request you release all documents related to the multiple concerning lawsuits against your company, Solantic, which is now surrounded by allegations of fraud, criminal activity and discrimination.

These claims appear eerily similar to the claims against Columbia/HCA, the company you ran that orchestrated one of the most massive Medicare fraud schemes in history. If true, your candidacy in a general election will surely cede the state’s highest office to Democrat Alex Sink and have devastating consequences down the ballot.I look forward to your acknowledgement of this request and the release of the Solantic records.


Larry Cretul