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Lawsuit: Rick Scott might be "public hazard"

A Tallahassee trial lawyer has filed a lawsuit to obtain a Rick Scott video deposition in a case against a chain of clinics founded by the Republican frontrunner for Florida governor.

Scott’s campaign called attorney Steven R. Andrews’ lawsuit “bogus,” “sleazy” and linked to rival Republican, Attorney General Bill McCollum.

In the suit filed late Monday, Andrews suggested that Scott and the clinic, Solantic, could be considered “a public hazard” after the clinic was accused in a recent lawsuit of using a doctor’s license unlawfully when the clinic submitted paperwork to the state.

Full story is here


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Who Is Rick Scott? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Njy-7_mihAI

susan T

Steve Andrews is always filing lawsuits. He is a sleezy trial attorney and Republicans love him.

The very same Republicans who hate trial attorneys.

Funny how they are such hypocrites.

Check out R candidates campaign contributions and see where his name pops up.

He files lawsuits, ethics complaints, and does just about anything that upstanding attorneys will never do.

Maybe Rick Scott will have this sleeze bag investigated. I think he will uncover all kinds of unethical practices.

McCollum is certainly in trouble if he is using this trashy attorney with many ethical problems. This could really get McCollum in hot water.

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