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McCollum: 'I still have serious questions' about Scott

Bill McCollum called Rick Scott Wednesday to congratulate him on his victory in the GOP primary -- but he refused to endorse him in the race.

"I still have serious questions ... about issues with his character, his integrity, his honestly, things that go back to Columbia/HCA and I have not had the occasion to really actually even get acquainted with him," McCollum said after the Cabinet meeting. "As other voters will do I will judge him throughout this campaign."

So much for GOP unity ...

McCollum said he also spoke to Democrat Alex Sink and independent candidate Bud Chiles. He declined to go into detail about any of the conversations.


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Bloggy Bayou

UPDATE: For the Record: As of 08:41 CDT 26 Aug 2010, Bill McCollum Has STILL Yet to Change his Website




This is why Scott needs to apologize to taxpayers and seniors.

Just say it publicly, Scott:

"I was in charge. I didn't know what my people were doing. I should have. It was my fault. I'm sorry."

Then back it up with a meaninguful act of contrition--like writing a $30 million personal check to either the U.S. Treasury or to the State of Florida (if you don't trust the Feds)

It you can't demonstrate such humility and repentance, you will show McCollum was right about you.

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